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Cuzzo Trivia

Sports & Entertainment

One of the leading media personalities in Philadelphia sports, Anthony Gargano came to Chop Dawg to launch a trivia app centered around sports fandom

Anthony has an insiders view of what fans, teams, and sponsors want. On-air midday host at 97.5 The Fanatic, Anthony Gargano (or Cuz for short) came to Chop Dawg with an idea for an app called Cuzzo Trivia. Launching first in the Philadelphia sports market, Cuzzo is a sports trivia app looking to draft hardcore fans to prove their fandom and compete in a Winner-Take-All prize system. Cuzzo’s established network of local advertisers and sponsors offer up real prizes to winning fans, keeping ongoing user engagement high to power in-app ad monetization.

In-app sponsorship and advertising opportunities are key to powering Cuzzo’s monetization and gameplay strategy

The Cuzzo app can host sponsored contests and show advertisements throughout the app and during game play. Everything that happens on this application is tracked for sponsors and advertisers. Who interacts with their ads? How often are they seen? What is their demographic? What prizes did users select that they want if they win? Sponsors can also take advantage of Cuzzo’s geolocation features for local-only events to encourage competitors to compete right from their own venue (post-Covid19, of course). Cuzzo Trivia can also tie in real-time trivia games with on-air radio, thanks to Anthony’s engaged show fanbase.

From day one release, Chop Dawg built the Cuzzo sports trivia app to be scalable

While the application is taking a local-approach first in the Philadelphia sports market, Cuzzo will be able introduce more daily free-style trivia contests beyond to other sports-crazed cities across the United States, and the globe. We built the platform’s ecosystem to cater to future partnerships with live television, the leagues themselves, and other incredible vendors.

The number one priority was to design Cuzzo’s gameplay experience to be fun

For Cuzzo to be a fun experience, the trivia questions and answers needed to be well-integrated into the game, challenging, and presented in a fun way. Chop Dawg worked closely with Anthony Gargano, so the gameplay flowed smoothly, taking the best aspects of other quiz apps, while also improving upon other aspects. Through our collaboration and Anthony’s years of insight in his industry, we were able to build a scalable product that will be a lot of fun for sports fans in Philadelphia and beyond.

"This team at is impressive. I was impressed by everyone overseeing the project, the project managers, and everyone building it. Their professionalism is amazing. They understand how the technology applies to business."

Anthony Gargano - Co-Founder

Some of the technology that we used to create the Cuzzo app

Cuzzo was built as an iPhone and Android application using React Native and with REST APIs, supporting iOS 12, iOS 13, iOS 14 and Android 9, 10, 11. For the administrator backend, website application, server-side, we used PHP with Laravel, built on React.

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