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EV Charging

In 2020, Currentlys’ founders made waves across the EV charging industry when they pitched SparkCharge on Shark Tank, successfully closing a million dollar deal.

In a market valued at over 5.86 billion last year, the SparkCharge Roadie is the first and only portable, ultra-fast charging system. Offering convenient charging services for electric vehicles on-demand, they needed a new mobile app to match their brand’s evolution and make arranging for on-the-go charging a breeze. 

Currently is the companion app to SparkCharges’ on-demand EV charging service.

As of 2022, the app has saved their customers 2,661 hours of waiting at a traditional EV charging station. Users simply download the Currently app, make an account, and enter the date, time and location their electric vehicle needs a charge. Drivers can track their deliveries in the app and chat with the user if needed to ensure service goes off without a hitch. The vehicle owners do not even have to be physically present at their vehicle at the time of the charge. The app also offers a monthly subscription. Not only does their service make life easier for their customers, their mobile model can support underserved communities adoption of electric vehicles, often overlooked in the transition to clean tech. 

The app has a consumer and driver side, ensuring drivers are on time for charging sessions and users are kept up-to-date on their service.

We’ve equipped the SparkCharge team with a state-of-the-art admin backend built as a website application to help manage day-to-day business. The admin assigns drivers to charging requests received through the app, giving them all the necessary details to handle the transaction in-app. The admin also provides the ability to track orders, data and analytics and manage users, providing support when necessary. 


Some of the technology that we used to create the Currently app.

Currently was created as an app using React Native and REST APIs, supporting iOS 12, iOS 13, iOS 14, iOS 15 and Android 9, Android 10, Android 11, Android 12.

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