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CuddleBids is an iPhone application that helps connect people who want to cuddle and be cuddled.

We immediately understood when CuddleBids reached out to us to build their app that this wouldn’t be your typical dating application on the app store. CuddleBids wanted to do was to completely reinvent their market and introduce a new niche. With the growing popularity of professional cuddlers and an increasing demand for those seeking to be cuddled, it only made sense for them to be the first to market by creating a unified, easy-to-use solution.

During the design process, Chop Dawg produced high fidelities and a product flow that would cater to iOS 8’s new flat design approach while ensuring that it would still look fun, comfortable and intimate to their target audience. We mutually agreed that the application should reflect all the perks of getting cozy with another person, without the extra anxiety that comes from dating.

We created a UI / UX that would look focus on the individuals who keep the app running – the cuddlers themselves. From a compelling messenger client to the ability to match with those in your area fitting your criteria, to personalized bidding, security, and privacy settings, CuddleBids would have a firm foundation at launch to begin establishing themselves as the next big alternative to the dating scene.

One of the biggest features to CuddleBids is its matching feed.

Through the matching feed, CuddleBids could pair those who wanted to be cuddled with those who were offering to cuddle. For context, the biggest determining factors are a user’s geolocation, their settings, and their preferences over time. We also wanted the application to showcase potential matches through the settings a user configured and give them the option to set up a mile radius of distance between them and their potential matches and could enter the gender(s) they would like to display.

To protect users, we emphasized the importance of the usability of its in-app messenger. The application would show users read and unread messages, notifications to new messages as they came in, and the ability to have a casual conversation through a message thread-like experience users have come to expect from modern social networking applications. All of this would tie into an activity feed that users can track to stay up to date on their CuddleBids experience.

Most importantly, CuddleBids had to be secure. We built the application following HIPPA-compliance standards, and the app was encrypted and secure to protect a user’s privacy. We also ensured that the CuddleBids administrator backend followed the same HIPPA-compliance. Additionally, it was also our goal to give CuddleBids the freedom to control and operate their application without being dependent on any third-party developers such as Chop Dawg.

By the end of the project, we were able to provide CuddleBids with everything that they needed. They would have a fully functioning iPhone application, a WordPress companion website, and a robust custom administrator backend to boot. We would continue to work with CuddleBids following the release of their app until they were acquired a few years after launching.

Some of the technology that we supported when we created the CuddleBids app

CuddleBids was built as an iPhone application Objective-C Swift and with REST APIs. CuddleBids was made to support iOS 8 and 9. For the administrator and server-side, we used PHP. The frontend website was created using WordPress, HTML5, and CSS3.

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