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Team Communication

Commment is a responsive website application built to help internal teams and companies better manage their day-to-day communications and customer support.

Online communications for businesses and teams have improved dramatically over the last few years thanks to platforms like Slack and HipChat in. However, there are countries where these products do not exist, are not allowed to operate, or are still unknown brands. The team at Commment realized that instead of selling to a saturated market such as the United States, they had an opportunity to import a solution to countries where they could stand out from the pack before the future competition. With that, Commment was born.

Understanding that we would be focusing on countries such as Thailand, China, Japan, and South Korea would allow us to plan a user experience that would cater to those users. What we needed to do first was to research the countries, their cultures, and the potential use cases. We realized that an open-forum was not the preferred approach – it was having a ticket and channel system that managers could use to delegate everything at once. We also realized that unlike here in the United States and throughout Europe, these countries preferred a less wall-garden approach and more open collaboration approach with other companies. What we did is design a way for businesses to add other partners to specific channels and tickets, allowing for open, collaborative efforts with real-time communication and access.

When it came to programming Commment, we realized the lighter the weight, the better.

The unique challenge we faced when developing Commment was understanding that in these target markets we planned to launch Commment, Internet connections are varied. Some markets will have faster connections than those found in the United States and throughout Europe, while in other markets have much slower speeds. We needed to create a web application that could support many connection speeds to ensure that productive time wasn’t lost.

Automated communications and notifications could be added by companies to remind relevant parties when an action is needed, helping to speed up productivity and keep all parties associated with a ticket accountable.

The user interface that was designed to look clean and efficient. Lightweight, yet packed with the essential features, the backend was built for fast performance. For Commment, an administrator backend was built so they could effectively manage their business, revenue, and customers without depending on third-party sources such as us.

Some of the technology that we supported when we created the Commment app

Commment was built as a responsive website application using PHP with Laravel, MySQL, HTML5, and CSS3. For the administrator and server-side, we also used PHP with Laravel. The frontend website was created using WordPress, HTML5, and CSS3.

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