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Citizen’s Cafe

Investigative Journalism

Citizen’s Cafe aims to change the way we consume the news and discuss the things that impact our lives.

Click-bait headlines, misleading captions, and flat-out fake articles shared on social media have grown like wildfire.While there are plenty of quality, authentic, and truthful journalists writing out there, how do you know for sure you aren’t reading from a source that is unethical or false? Citizen’s Cafe is a community-driven investigative journalism platform built to allow anyone to discuss, share, and investigate topics. Through collaboration, journalists can work together to seek the truth.

Citizen’s Cafe is packed with tools to help journalists better investigate their sources.

Journalists have the opportunity to build up the quality of their reports thanks to the application’s robust and easy-to-use search capabilities to discover topics, ideas, and cases already under investigation. They can also discuss stories in real-time as events and facts unfold, with the ability to share evidence from third-party websites, forums, images, videos, and more. As a community, journalists can decide the credibility and legitimacy of sources and articles.

With the help of Chop Dawg, Citizen’s Cafe has been designed to be an easy-to-use weapon against false narratives and agendas.

The Internet was always meant for open and real-time discussion from many perspectives that can come from anywhere. That’s why Citizen’s Cafe has been designed for anyone to use on any device. Journalists can use the platform on their desktops, tablets, or mobile devices and will still get the same easy-to-use experience.

"Having a team actually work with me, as a client, outside of the timetable itself, is critically important. The fact that Chop Dawg never pressured me has contributed to the solid relationship we've developed. There's no arbitrary emphasis on time; Chop Dawg is working with me and allowing the product to develop."

Adam Rosszay - Founder of Citizen's Cafe

Some of the technology that we plan to support when we program Citizen's Cafe

We designed Citizen’s Cafe to be built as a responsive website application using PHP with Laravel, MySQL, HTML5, and CSS3. For the administrator and server-side, we also will be using PHP with Laravel. The frontend website was created using WordPress, HTML5, and CS

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We're a full stack design & development agency that is as hands-on as a CTO+Team out of the box. It is much harder to find a team with great chemistry that has the shared talent to back it up, and we take pride in our effort to achieve both.

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