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Social Networking

CIRQIL is more than just a digital rolodex, it’s a complete and dynamic & flexible solution to manage contacts in new ways.

The built-in “contacts” feature has been a staple for mobile devices since their inception. Even with smartphone technology constantly evolving, the contacts feature has remained relatively unchanged. Exchanging information can still be a cumbersome process. How can we better utilize the power of our smartphones so that they feel like an actual tool for information exchange? Statistics tell us that most (88 percent!) business cards are never manually transcribed. Usually they are thrown away or forgotten. This is a huge missed opportunity that smartphones haven’t been able to solve yet. So where is the app that can allow people to better leverage their contacts, for better networking and better communication overall?

CIRQIL’s founder, Brigitte, came to Chop Dawg with an idea to solve this communication problem, having dealt with this herself for decades.

CIRQIL is packed with features to help people make their list of contacts much more dynamic and useful than before. On the surface, the app offers the ability to create temporary or expiring contacts, merge existing contacts, build and manage groups, and synchronize & organize calendar events. But what CIRQIL also offers are opportunities for social discovery. Utilizing your existing contacts list, CIRQIL helps users to find their friends at an event, discover businesses, make introductions, and even create temporary modes of communication for short-term engagements.

For this project, Chop Dawg built CIRQIL a carefully defined non-functioning prototype (NFP).

Both companies collaborated to come up with the ideal look and feel for CIRQIL. The end result of this project was a fully designed app for both the iPhone and Android, with all of the editable assets ready for programmers to take control of. CIRQIL received a clickable NFP that can be demoed to prospective individuals essential to their success. Chop Dawg also provided guidance to ensure that once this product is ready for programming, it is in a position of success and scalability.

Chop Dawg and CIRQIL worked together to plan future features going beyond the prototyping stage. This includes the ability to change digital gift cards & cryptocurrency, start real-time meetups, and media sharing & archival functions. There will be a state-of-the-art admin backend to easily manage users & advertisements and track metrics. It is imperative that the application was designed so that new features could be easily added for programming later on.

"I’ve been impressed with’s transparency. In my previous experience, the project wasn’t comprehensively spelled out in the contract. So, when I didn’t get what I needed, there was no proof. I appreciated’s contract, which was over 100 pages long, because they outlined every screen that they were going to produce for us. The team answered a lot of questions in the initial phase, which meant that the expectations were mapped out. This was very helpful because, as a novice app developer, I didn’t know much. Now, if I were to do this a third time, I would know how it all works because the teams’ process was so thorough. "

Brigitte Mueller - Founder

Some of the technology that we plan to support when we program the CIRQIL app

CIRQIL was created as a non-functional prototype and is planned to be built as an iPhone and Android application using React Native and with REST APIs, supporting iOS 13, iOS 14, and Android 9, Android 10.

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