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Choice Home Warranty

Home Warranties

A homeowner’s biggest nightmare is an unexpected appliance repair. That is why Choice Home Warranty exists.

Choice Home Warranty provides a safeguard for homeowners. In December of 2018, Choice Home Warranty reached out to Chop Dawg expressing interest in having the two companies partner together to help bring their vision of a vendor-based app and better customer experience to the marketplace.

Choice Home Warranty has existed since 2008, helping thousands of homeowners across the United States when the unexpected happens. Customers pay a monthly fixed cost for coverage, and when something breaks, they’ll send out a trusted and verified vendor that can assess the problem and determine a solution.

Chop Dawg and Choice Home Warranty were able to prepare a solution together utilizing their existing infrastructure.

Given that Choice Home Warranty has a remarkable web-based programming team already, they were able to provide all the existing infrastructure via API calls for Chop Dawg to leverage and plug into the mobile app. This ensured there weren’t any unnecessary steps, platforms, and tasks for vendors working with Choice Home Warranty. The app benefits vendors by better data management, quickly receiving jobs on the go, and improved customer experience.

Imagine a new platform that is similar to UPS Follow My Delivery

The app can notify when a vendor is in route to help and when they are nearby. Users can follow along via GPS to see real-time time arrival estimates. The app also automates the experience for Choice Home Warranty’s trusted and partnered vendors.

We aimed for the app to be lightweight, easy to use, but effective. It allows vendors to accept or decline job requests from Choice Home Warranty customers in their area, assign job requests to team members working for a vendor, and use the application to complete job reports after completing a job.

The app also harnesses data and geolocation to give the customers a better experience, providing data that vendors can then use to improve their services, dispatches, and operations.

Some of the technology that we used when we created the Choice Home Warranty app

Choice Home Warranty was built as an iPhone and Android application using React Native and with REST APIs, supporting iOS 12, iOS 13, and Android 9, Android 10.

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