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Competitive Events

An iPhone application that was created to help both dirt bike racers and competition organizers.

The founding members of BraapApp came to Chop Dawg with a particular mission. One of the founders’ sons competes in dirt bike races, and they were becoming frustrated with what they felt were unnecessarily inconvenient race day logistics. For example, if you’re a racer you can only register in-person on a first come, first serve basis. You can only make payments in cash. You always need to be listening to the PA system for your race number, so you know where and when you need to report to race. And then you need to wait until the end of the day to find out how you even ranked. Are you starting to see how frustrating of an experience this becomes, let alone one every single weekend?

The BraapApp founders had a vision for what an iPhone application could do to solve these race day problems, and Chop Dawg immediately began breaking ground on a design that could turn this into a full product.

How could we create an app that would attract both racers and venues?

Early on in the design phase, we took into account that we would need to cater to both racers and to the sites/racetracks that would be supporting this app. The more competitions listed on BraapApp, the more likely the racers will follow. BraapApp would need to be a sales and discovery tool as well as a race day logistics one. We designed the app so that competitors would be able to locate every event they would want to participate in, and immediately register through the app. Competition organizers could spend their advertising dollars more efficiently by marketing directly on the app and have the registration data to better plan for events.

BraapApp also allows for mobile check-ins to an event via user geolocation and automatically sets up races, their order, and assigns racing numbers. The application automatically informs all signed up competitors where to go, their race numbers, and their real-time race results. What used to be a manual operation for dirt bike races could now be automated.

One of the most frustrating things for competitors was the wasted downtime between races. Now they can use this downtime to scout fellow racers in advance by viewing their bios and their previous race history. They can even find more races to participate at in a calendar year, and instantly register using a credit or debit card. There’s also no need to wait in line thanks to a mobile check-in system. It’s a dream come true for both competitors, and the venues that support these competitive events.

Some of the technology that we will support when we create the BraapApp app

BraapApp was designed to be built as an iPhone application using Swift and with REST APIs. BraapApp will support iOS 11. For the administrator and server-side, we will be using PHP with Laravel. The frontend website will be created using WordPress, HTML5, CSS3.

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