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Over the last several years, the mass adoption of smartphones has enabled the pet care industry to grow exponentially. While this growth has produced many new care options for pet owners, the amount of choice has also been overwhelming. With all of these new options to choose from, how could busy owners find a way to find the services of trusted professionals efficiently?

Owners needed a way to identify and book trusted professionals that could take of their pets’ needs. This would require an application that could scale to increasing demand and supply. BookYourPet was born out of this realization that there was no one trusted spot for pet owners to find and figure out what was best for their dog or cat.

Out of necessity, the idea was simple. Merge all of the needed services to take care of your pet into one convenient app. Grooming? Check. Boarding? You got it. Food? Of course. BookYourPet had to be designed around the concept of trust. Real reviews. Real rating. Real relevancy based on your location, your preferences, your pets.

BookYourPet had to be designed not for how the pet industry has been, or where it currently is. It needed to be designed for where the pet care industry is going.

We needed to design BookYourPet for both pet owners and pet care businesses in mind. Businesses use BookYourPet to act as a CRM, discovery tool, sales tool, and day-to-day manager. For the owners, the app needed to be a place where they could research only the most trusted businesses, professionals, and services. We designed BookYourPet to convey to owners that their four-legged friends would be put as a top priority.

We needed to create something that would be designed to encourage swift user flow while keeping the feasibility for future development in mind.

We designed a fully responsive website application that could fit on a desktop, tablet, mobile browser, and as a native iPhone or Android application. This was a strategic decision that we agreed on so we could make sure that once BookYourPet was ready for development, it wouldn’t be limited to just one application on one device – it could be adapted to run on anything.

Some of the technology that we supported when we designed the BookYourPet app

BookYourPet was designed to be a responsive website app for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. BookYourPet was also designed to be a native mobile app for the iPhone and Android. We used Adobe Illustrator to design the apps in wireframing and high fidelities.

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