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There are a lot of services that help businesses circulate their RFPs, but there weren’t any that catered to the large enterprise companies that require significant resources to find only the best of the best vendors out there. BeAll3 set out to change that.

BeAll3 wanted to flip the Request For Proposal (RFP) concept upside down for enterprise companies. Instead of posting an RFP and hoping that a qualified company would reach out, BeAll3 would allow companies to post their requests on a website where only vetted, high quality, and trusted companies would be allowed to enter. This would let them to ask their questions, vet the enterprises, and submit their proposals all within a single environment.

The idea was to help both parties, enterprises, and vendors get to the results they care about more quickly – finding the right vendor. BeAll3 realized to attract Fortune 500s and large enterprises; not everyone could be allowed into the network. It would need to be a closed ecosystem. BeAll3 would need to personally vet and qualify every company that wished to join the closed ecosystem. For the enterprises posting their needs, they would need to be transparent about theirs, and provide all of the essentials a vendor would expect to participate and invest the time required for a potential opportunity.

BeAll3 had to be designed to cut out the noise. Multi-million and billion dollar companies are about speed, efficiency, and being to the point. This is what had to be built into BeAll3’s DNA.

Without the extra fluff an average consumer-facing application includes in today’s marketplace, BeAll3 had to be designed to allow large-scale businesses to get in and out quickly. From both submitting an opportunity, to submitting a bid, BeAll3 would need to exchange information between parties quickly. That means notifications most relevant to those involved. That meant being able to provide the information expected, no unnecessary fluff. That meant being able to fill out an application in one click, not several.

BeAll3 was designed as a non-functional prototype for the purpose of demonstrating in front of large enterprise companies to gather feedback, learn potential adoption use cases, and generate market interest. Simultaneously, we designed this non-functional prototype with a plan to immediately program it into a fully-functioning product without skipping a beat.

Some of the technology that we supported when we created the Tribes app

BeAll3 was designed to be a responsive website application for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Chop Dawg used Adobe Illustrator and Sketch to design the apps in wireframing and high fidelities. For product flows and prototyping, Chop Dawg used InVision.

"Chop Dawg was able to help think through business implications and ask insightful questions to improve the product. Chop Dawg was 100% on time with delivery."

Sam Fallata - Co-founder of BeAll3

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