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Marketplace/ Pet Care

Since 2015, Barkly has been on a mission to help our four-legged best friends. They came to Chop Dawg looking to build a web app companion to their existing mobile app.

Offering services in New York City, Washington DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia, Barkly has become one of the largest dog walking services on the planet. By providing background checks and professional, highly-trained dog walkers, dog owners can be assured that their four-legged companions will get the exercise, socialization, and attention needed for a long, happy life. Part of the scalability plan behind Barkly is to bring their mobile app experience to the desktop, through a beautiful yet easy-to-use responsive website application.

We built the entire frontend through the ReactJS framework for the Barkly team to then take over.

Chop Dawg assisted the Barkly team with bringing their mobile application experience to desktop. The entire frontend web application was fully designed and programmed, ready for the Barkly team to take-over and begin implementing their backend logic and APIs.

As Barkly continues to aggressively grow, they’ve begun investing in new ways to capture more potential customers.

Chop Dawg worked with Barkly to make sure that their website application was beautiful, easy-to-use, and scalable. Scalability was always important to keep in mind throughout this process, as they were expanding their dog walking capabilities in their existing cities and future growth cities. To keep things scalable without being dependent on Chop Dawg, Barkly was provided with a design library, the completed programming in ReactJS, and a detailed JSDoc containing relevant programming documentation.

Some of the technology that we used to create the Barkly app

Barkly was built as a website application using ReactJS. We exclusively built the frontend of this website application, and the Barkly team took over and implemented their backend logic and APIs.

"What's great about Chop Dawg is that there are no surprises. You get exactly what you plan for. It's great to know we have a trustworthy and dependable firm to count on. The quality of their work has been so terrific that we want to continue working with them."

Jim Camut - Chief Technology Officer

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We're a full stack design & development agency that is as hands-on as a CTO+Team out of the box. It is much harder to find a team with great chemistry that has the shared talent to back it up, and we take pride in our effort to achieve both.

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