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A product that gives users a simple, easy way to step into the world of cryptocurrency and a way to integrate it into daily use.

Based on current market trends, we are on pace to see a global $850+ billion cryptocurrency market by 2024. But in order for this to take place, consumers and businesses are going to have to adopt cryptocurrency into their everyday use. Bitcoin is certainly the most “popular” cryptocurrency, but its fluctuating price means that it can’t do much more than be a speculative asset. Enter TrueUSD (TUSD), a price-stable cryptocurrency which is backed 1-for-1 by US Dollars. TUSD can be easily purchased on the Autarky app. As a result, Autarky creates a gateway for everyone to easily own a stable cryptocurrency that goes beyond being a speculative asset.

“Simple” is the goal of the Autarky app – it shouldn’t be complicated to manage your assets.

With a simple setup & registration process, both every day users & businesses can easily transfer money between their standard bank accounts and their online wallets. Users can also convert their money to TUSD or other cryptocurrencies, pay & transfer funds between their contacts, make transactions with partnered businesses using a “handshake” interface over NFC protocol and set up payment reminders.

The most impressive feature of Autarky is the ability to utilize the power of the blockchain.

Using the blockchain to view and search their digital ledgers, users can experience better speed, security, and knowledge/understanding regarding any transaction that they make. We worked closely with the Autarky team to make sure that this impressive feature was as simple to use and clear as possible.

It has been abundantly clear that this partnership was able to produce an amazing and powerful non-functioning prototype (NFP).

With our expertise of building applications and NFPs, and the Autarky team’s cryptocurrency expertise, our design team was able to follow a clear direction from the start. The end result of this project was a fully-designed app for both the iPhone and Android with all of the editable assets ready for programmers to take control of. We created a clickable NFP prototype that can be demoed to prospective individuals essential to the success of Autarky.

Some of the technology that we plan to support when we program the Autarky app

Autarky was created as a non-functional prototype and is planned to be built as an iPhone and Android application using React Native and with REST APIs, supporting iOS 12, iOS 13, and Android 9, Android 10.

" kept their word, delivering a high-quality, unique product while adhering to the project timelines. The team also exhibited exceptional project management skills. Overall, they were a supportive and communicative partner whose transparency made for a successful engagement."

Jordan Habben - Co-Founder of Autarky

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