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Alpha Paw

Retail & Pet Care

Pack leader Ramon Van Meer founded Alpha Paw with the help of his son, Victor, in 2018 to help pet owners find and source high-quality pet products

Alpha Paw has built its business on a solid foundation, believing that pets are members of the families and deserve the very best. Guided by these principles to keep quality standards high and directly manufacturing their products, Alpha Paw has built a business that over 50,000 customers’ trust. That’s why Alpha Paw is looking to take a major step forward in their customer experience.

For this new evolution, they are using all of their years of experience and knowledge to overhaul the technology that powers their business with an all-new mobile app designed to scale alongside the company’s anticipated growth.

The app curates the shopping experience and allows Alpha Paw to connect with their customers in meaningful ways via a whole new medium

When developing new products, Alpha Paw focuses on what pets need in order to be happy and healthy. The Alpha Paw app creates better opportunities for conversion and engagement amongst their existing customer base and new users alike. Alpha Paw is focused on pet owners with their new app, providing educational resources on pet care and training alongside their available pet products. From videos and blogs, users can browse the app for all things pet care. Alpha Paw customers can earn rewards, leave  product feedback and get help all in one place, making the customer experience seamless, and effortless for Alpha Paw to deliver at scale.

"The quality of their work is really good. I’ve worked with a lot of developers in the past, but the team stands out. Their team tries to sync with us and come up with new ideas. It’s truly a collaboration between our team and theirs. I like that they work on Slack so it’s very easy for us to talk with their team. They respond almost immediately, whereas if we used email, it would take about a day to get a response. "

Ramon Van Meer - CEO, Founder at Alpha Paw

Some of the technology that we used to create the Alpha Paw app

Alpha Paw was built as an iPhone and Android application using React Native and with REST APIs, supporting iOS 12, iOS 13, iOS 14 and Android 9, 10, 11. For the administrator backend, website application, server-side, we used PHP with Laravel, built on React.

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