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Caregiving Services

Ally is an app that is engineered to provide simple and easy access for caregivers, clients, and office managers.

The team at JTR Solutions has been dedicated to providing easier accessibility, accounting, and integration in their caregiving businesses. They approached Chop Dawg with their system already in place, but they were looking for us to build a mobile application to improve their business. The idea was to build a mobile application called Ally, to help caregivers with their schedules, the ability to clock-in and out, show payment history, and integrate a knowledge-base for each party.

Caregivers, clients, and office managers will ultimately save time and money using this app.

Since caregivers can now instantly view and receive schedules, updates, and receive notifications within moments, they will be much more equipped to do their jobs with ease. The Ally app and JTR Solutions’ existing system were built to work well in tandem with each other. This is so users and office managers can be certain that no issues will go undiscovered and every detail is accounted for.

For this project, Chop Dawg built JTR Solutions a carefully defined non-functioning prototype (NFP).

Both companies collaborated to come up with the ideal look and feel for Ally. The end result of this project was a fully designed app for both the iPhone and Android, with all of the editable assets ready for programmers to take control of.

JTR Solutions received a clickable NFP that can be demoed to prospective individuals essential to their success. Chop Dawg also provided guidance to ensure that once this product is ready for programming, it is in a position of success and scalability.

Chop Dawg has planned for this app to launch in stages, beginning with the caregiver portion of the app, then followed by the office manager portion. Finally, the client portion of the app will be built out. The intention of this staggered launch approach is to allow JTR Solutions to get Ally into the market as quickly as possible, without running the risk of sacrificing quality.

Some of the technology that we used to create the Ally app

Ally is built as an iPhone and Android application using React Native and with REST APIs, supporting iOS 12, iOS 13, iOS 14 and Android 9, Android 10, Android 11.

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