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Real Estate

SpotScore is an iPhone and Android application designed and developed to help buyers, sellers, and real estate agents learn more about each other and help drive real estate transactions quicker than ever before.

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CuddleBids is an iPhone application that helps connect people who want to cuddle and be cuddled, and designed to provide a fun, comfortable and intimate experience for its users.

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Event Management

Waypoint is a location-based iPhone application that allows friends to keep their friend groups together and connect with new friends at live events, without the need of a cellular or wireless connection.

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Competitive Events

BraapApp is an iPhone application designed to help competitive racers and organizers improve the process of registration and day-of-race logistics.

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Social Networking

Dissolve is an iPhone application that will provide friend groups the enhanced ability to have carefully thought-out, intellectual conversations about the topics that interest them the most.

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SmashBrackets is an iPhone application that creates a more hands-on music discovery experience for music lovers, musicians/artists, and creatives through gamification.

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Social Networking

Greenskeeper is an iPhone application for the largest social network to golf in the world, giving users the ability to engage with golf courses and golfers from around the globe.

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