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Episode 007 — How Shaan Puri Grew Blab To 3.9M Users In A Year

Operations & Management

Joshua Davidson released this podcast


On this episode of #thePawdcast, we’re joined by none other than Shaan Puri, the founder and CEO of Blab. We discuss with Shaan about his entrepreneurial journey from his days at Duke University, Shaan opening up his very own sushi restaurant, moving to San Francisco, the origins of Blab, his thoughts and advice on being a hands-on CEO in a hypergrowth startup, his thought-process behind on-demand and real-time video streaming applications such as Blab, where his company and product Blab is going and of course, discuss everything entrepreneurship related (even responding to a few questions from our live audience during the show recording). You won’t want to miss this episode.

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Shaan Puri’s Twitter:

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