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Episode 031 — Michael Gasiorek of Startup Grind On How Startups Need To Market Themselves

Advertising & Marketing

Joshua Davidson released this podcast


If you’re a fan of #thePawdcast, you’re most certainly a fan of Startup Grind. After all, it only makes sense right? Arguably two of the most impactful startup-related, content generating platforms on the internet (wink wink!).

This week’s episode we interview the Editor in Chief of Startup Grind and our good friend, Michael Gasiorek.

A lot of incredible content is jammed into this hour and a half long episode. We discuss Michael’s personal journey towards Startup Grind, growing up in New Jersey, then relocating to Thailand, China, and many other locations, living abroad, entering Startup Weekend and coming out of it with a company. We discuss what happened to this company and the lessons learned, bringing his knowledge and know-how into consulting, which eventually brought him to Derek Anderson, the founder of Startup Grind.

We chat a lot about content marketing. Michael leverages great content to scale Startup Grind and it’s brand and we discuss important strategies such as how the blog, Medium, and even a podcast (like this one) and how it has helped grow Startup Grind over recent years. We dive deep into where Startup Grind is heading, how the organization has grown in just a few short years into the dominant brand that it is today, and how it is all about the people that have made it into what it is.

Michael is a networking, content and impacting wizard, and someone you will learn a lot from on this episode. So sit back, relax, kickstart the brand new week, and enjoy Episode 031 of #thePawdcast with Michael Gasiorek!

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