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Episode 028 — How John Gavigan Of 43North Has Lured Startups To Move To Buffalo

Revenue & Finances

Joshua Davidson released this podcast


Could you imagine being in the position where you run a startup competition that gives out over $5,000,000 in capital to startups each year? For our guest on this week’s episode of #thePawdcast, this is the norm. Meet John Gavigan, the Executive Director of 43North in Buffalo, New York.

This episode is jammed-packed with great content. We chat about how to stand out and win a startup competition such as 43North, and what not to do when competing. We chat with John about his own personal beliefs on entrepreneurship — from what drives us, to how to maximize our own efficiencies, to identifying gold mines where everyone else sees a desert.

This year’s 43North competition is happening right now. In only a few weeks, the winners will be selected and the prizes will be given out, including a $1,000,000 grand prize for one incredible startup. Learn more about 43North on this episode, how to become the best you can be as an entrepreneur, and learn how to maximize your chances in winning in a startup competition on your own.

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