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Episode 024 — How Maneesh Sethi Found Market Acceptance For Pavlok


Joshua Davidson released this podcast


It isn’t every day that your company is featured on Shark Tank.

It isn’t every day that you are told to “get the f*ck outta here” by Kevin O’Leary either.

Hell, it isn’t every day that you decide to start a hardware company that literally shocks people.

All of this is the norm when it comes to serial entrepreneur Maneesh Sethi of Pavlok. We explore how he is causing big changes in the lives of thousands of customers around the globe.

We dive deep into Maneeh’s origins. We chat about hacking productivity, to hiring a woman on Craiglist to slap him in the face, to somewhat stumbling into the idea that is now Pavlok and going all-in to turn his vision into a reality.

We also chat a lot about the obstacles of building both a hardware and software company, the future of Pavlok, their struggles as they continue to try finding market acceptance, and the long-term goals that Pavlok hopes to accomplish.

This is hands-down, one of our most fun episodes of #thePawdcast to date, and you’re going to love the enthusiasm, attitude, and deminer that Maneesh Sethi brings to the table.

We know that we did.

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