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Episode 023 — Michael Watson On How Treehouse Creates Its Course Content

Leadership & Inspiration

Joshua Davidson released this podcast


If you’re a fan of #thePawdcast, you have probably heard of Treehouse. With over 180,000 active students in 190 different countries worldwide, it is safe to say, Treehouse is disrupting the way we think about online education. Teaching students on how to program, code, develop, design, and even run a business, Treehouse is shaping the way for future entrepreneurs, leaders, innovators and developers alike. That is why it is so exciting to have Michael Watson, the CFO & COO of Treehouse on this week’s episode of #thePawdcast.

We cover a lot in the hour and a half episode. We discuss how Treehouse has grown from a few employees to over a hundred with thousands of students across the globe. We discuss how Treehouse operates, what the day-to-day looks like for Michael, how Treehouse approaches adding new courses and content, hiring practices, balancing online education vs. traditional education, and much more. We also dive deep into the personal life of Michael, about how he manages his work-life balance, about where has traveled and what his experiences has been, living abroad, and of course, being a San Francisco sports fan (sorry again about Chip Kelly, Michael).

We can promise you this much, this is going to be on your favorite episodes of #thePawdcast to date. Let’s hit it.

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