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Episode 018 — How G. William Handal Gets His Clients To Keep Coming Back

Customer Service & Sales

Joshua Davidson released this podcast


Though he is hands-down, one of the most talented and successful entrepreneurs in the United States, G. William Handal often keeps himself behind-the-scenes and let his work do the talking for him. Today, we pull him out of the shadows and into the limelight, to pick his brain and see what exactly makes G.W. tick!

When we say this episode is actioned-packed full of incredible content, that would be understating the fact. This episode of #thePawdcast features everything from G.W.’s immigrant upbringing in Miami, learning English through the media, being a part of the corporate lifecycle before deciding to go off on his own and begin his own design firm, what it is like working in the service-based industry, how he has scaled is operations and continued to main a client-first mentality, the power of gratitude, about giving back to others and the community, about balancing work and life, the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Georgia, and of course, a highlight of ours personally from this episode, having a bit of fun with throwing a water bottle around (make sure to watch the video for this week’s episode!).

This is one of our best, most jammed-packed episodes to date that you surely won’t want to miss. Make sure to give us some love and leave us a comment, give us a like or share this episode with your friends and family!

PS: For our listeners in the United States who will be celebrating Independence Day this upcoming Monday, have a wonderful holiday and thank you to our active military and veterans.

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There are over 2 comments. on this article. Join in on the discussion!
  • David Hehman said:

    This is a very interesting podcast full of diverse topics. Will Handal has bee working with us for a while, helping to get our StartUp Accelerator, RiverCity Foundry off the ground. Not only has he done an excellent job designing and promoting our brand, he has an exceptional team supporting those efforts. It was really cool to hear about some of his history as an immigrant to the U.S. and how he has built a successful design firm. He talk about servant leadership quite a bit, and I can vouch that it is not just talk. Will has exemplified this characteristic from the moment I met him. If you listen to this podcast you will surely pick up on some tips for being successful in whatever you do.

  • Gigi said:

    First time listener, and I’m glad I listened to this one with Will Handal. Not only is he a leader in his field, but he DEVELOPS other people to become leaders. From the interview you can see he has the true team-work mindset and he walks the walk. If you missed the podcast, you should listen because not only does Will give business advice to the listeners but also useful life lessons. Will’s authenticity is endearing and talent awe-inspiring. We need more “Wills” in the business world and in our everyday lives!

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