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Your outlook will make or break you in 2017

Leadership & Inspiration

Joshua Davidson wrote this article


We’ve all been there.

You received an email that makes you the happiest you have ever been (at least, it feels that way for a moment). Perhaps you closed a new contract or found a new partner to help scale your company.

Perhaps as well, you received an email that has made your heart sink. In that given moment, you ask yourself, what else could wrong? Perhaps that contract you thought you were going to get signed, fell through out of nowhere. Perhaps that new partner to help you scale decided not to move forward for reasons out of your control.

For the life of an entrepreneur, this is the daily norm.

A lot of ups, and just as many downs too.

Success isn’t just a natural upwards trajectory, after all.

This is why your outlook will make or break you as an entrepreneur, and why we need to have this conversation today.

For too many of you, the smallest inconvenience throws you off the tracks. Your day has been derailed and perhaps even your week.

You’re in a bad, depressed mood.

Interactions with potential clients feel like a waste of time and energy.

Interactions with your team? Short-tempered and frustrated.

All you want to do is hop off the computer, leave the shop and just be by yourself.

This isn’t something I am just typing here… this has happened to even me before.

Your outlook breaks you.

You stop looking for opportunities and fall into an endless trap of self-pity.

It’s like skipping a workout at the gym. All of the sudden, you feel crappy because you haven’t been working out, and because you feel that bad about yourself, you lose the willpower to go to the gym even when you can. You’re stuck in an endless rut.

You can’t let your outlook break you.

Remind yourself for starters, that everything will be okay when things are tough.

Think about it. How many times has a rough situation in the moment, months if not years later, seemed worthless and insignificant.

Like it was such a small blip on the radar, you almost forgot it even happened? However, in the moment, it was what completely occupied your mind.

You were lost in a fog.

However, what will stick out, are the opportunities you loss because you didn’t give it your all due to this mindset. By allowing yourself to get lost in emotions, you therefore also left opportunity on the table that would have helped you.

It’s the same thing with success, that feeling of being on cloud nine.

Sometimes, being too high in emotions is just as bad as being way too low.

You become blinded, thinking you’re invincible.

You can do no wrong.

Everything you touch turns to gold.

However, we all know this isn’t the case.

Again, typing from experience, you begin being blinded by small details. A disgruntled team member who you should have been focusing on to resolve outstanding issues. A client becomes dissatisfied after deliverables were not meeting expectations. You are so focused on work due to the successful roll you’re on, you begin neglecting your health and sleep.

Your outlook will make or break you.

My father had a quote for me once, which went something along the lines of you never know when you’re on top of the mountain or the bottom of the mountain, so, therefore, keep hiking, keep climbing, keep moving.

You can never get too high and never get too low.

Stay even-keel.

You need to keep your outlook in check.

This doesn’t mean you should not experience emotions.

No, you should.

You should feel when you lose that job, or when you sign the largest contract, the largest customer of yours to date.

However, you should also then instantly get back to work, in any given situation, and move on. Understanding that you still have plenty of work to do, and no one else is going to fill pity or celebrate for you.

Remain at a level where you can always bring your A-Game, always be attentive, never let an opportunity slip by.

Your outlook is a weapon that can be leveraged, so understand just how powerful it is and how much of an asset it is for you. When you realize this, and better understand how everything plays a part in the bigger picture, you can then remain at a level to not let your outlook break you, but to make you. As an entrepreneur, this is a much-needed skill set to have.

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