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We are your remote and local team

Our team members located all over the United States can feel free to work from wherever they want. This has allowed us to bring on the best talent while partnering with clients from across the globe.

We strongly believe in the blossoming technological ecosystems that Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta and Seattle have to offer. These four cities are what we call our “team clusters.” We have found valuable¬†team members thanks to setting up remote offices in these US cities, and made invaluable connections for our clients there along the way.

Philadelphia, PA (HQ)

Philly is Chop Dawg’s home base. There’s something truly unique about Philly that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. From its history to its people, this city has helped form our identity. We love Philly and it will always be our HQ.

1703 N Howard St

Boston, MA

We have been able to attract some incredible technical talent from Boston thanks to its vast network of local colleges and tech companies. There are so many resources for startups and established businesses alike in this beautiful, old city!

1 Beacon St

Seattle, WA

Having a presence on the West Coast is key for Chop Dawg. There’s just something so exhilarating yet peaceful about the PNW. There’s also untapped potential in the Seattle tech scene and we are excited to have a hand in helping local businesses and startups alike to build up their technical infrastructure.

107 Spring St

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta has so much to offer with its burgeoning tech scene. We’ve had the opportunity to work with some pretty incredible businesses amidst a welcoming Southern atmosphere we’ve come to love here at Chop Dawg. Atlanta truly is the city of ideas, collaboration, and culture.

2107H Lake Park Drive

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