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Never lose your entrepreneurial hunger

Leadership & Inspiration

Joshua Davidson wrote this article

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Entrepreneurial hunger is an amazing asset.

It’s what gives you that drive.

It what fuels your desire to become great.

It’s what motivates you, even when times are tough, to keep moving forward, to keep trekking through, knowing that it will get better.

Entrepreneurial hunger is the secret weapon that the truest, most authentic entrepreneurs have, which puts them over the top.

It is what separates them from being a wantrepreneur.

Entrepreneurial hunger though can be fleeting too.

Similar to how inspiration and motivation can die out, needing a new candle to be lit, so too can your entrepreneurial hunger. That desire to win and accomplish your dreams.

It’s important to understand this, even for the most driven, successful entrepreneurs who feel their hunger each and every day inside them.

You may just wake up one morning and no longer have anything left in the tank.


You see, that word up above is key.


Similar to how your hunger could be fleeting, so too can the lack of hunger.

As long as you ensure it is that way.

How and why does it go away?

How many of you reading this have seen your drive temporarily vanish?

For starters, it could be the consistent beat down of not meeting your expectations.

Not able to execute at the level you thought you could.

Not delivering the results you thought you would at this stage.

Remind yourself, though, in moments such as this, how far you have come.

How much you have done as an entrepreneur that most can only dream of doing.

Reach deep inside you, as far as you can go, and pull that hunger back out of you.

Yes, take the time to self-reflect, take the time to understand your own emotions, but then use that as leverage to bring back the entrepreneurial hunger.

Perhaps for some, it is the feeling of complacency that has made you temporarily lose that entrepreneurial hunger of yours.

It’s true, if you’re not growing, you’re dying.

At Chop Dawg, we have had a fair share of these moments ourselves.

Where things are going good, but not great, you lose that desire to keep growing due to the fact that you’re at a comfortable level.

Similar to how we have managed, you too must do the same.

Remind yourself, you’re not an entrepreneur to be comfortable.

You’re an entrepreneur to make a difference.

To impact as many lives as possible.

To hire and change the lives as of many people as possible.

To build something larger than yourself that makes a positive impact in the world around you.

Again, dig deep, deeper than ever before, and remind yourself, why you got into this game, and why you’re not getting out of it anytime soon.

You see, my belief with entrepreneurial hunger and why it can disappear is we, entrepreneurs, sometimes lose sight of why we are doing this. Both failure and success can make our vision become cloudy, and your internal compass can get thrown out of whack.

You need to understand that losing your entrepreneurial hunger, can and will happen. Just ensure it is never permanent.

When it is gone, do everything you can to dig deep and bring it back out of you.

Here is the best part. When you bring it back, when the hunger re-appears, not only will it be back as an asset for you, you’ll be hungrier than ever.

You’ll be reminded of why you’re who you are, why you do what you do, what this is all about.

Your senses will become heightened. Your inspiration, motivation, enthusiasm, will be skyrocketed.

Don’t lose your entrepreneurial hunger, ever, but do understand in those temporary moments that they seemingly disappear, why they have and what you will need to do to bring it back.

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  • This one touched me deep inside Josh.
    That hunger effectively grows and shrinks over time, that hunger is that inner voice that motivates you to never give up no matter what in order to make huge difference in this beautiful world! Thanks for writing this great post.

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