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Leveraging AI To Build Better Customer Experiences

Customer Service & Sales

Anna Stark wrote this article


As things have been taking shape in the New Economy, businesses adapting their customer service experience. Since the technology is growing, customers are raising their expectations. More and more customers expect a higher minimum level of service.

And with this mix of technology and drive, the businesses have responded by scaling up their technology and service. Customers have more options and expect quicker, more helpful service. This is where AI comes in.

– Over the course of the New Economy, expectations for customer service have risen. And these expectations are only going to keep rising with AI.

Customers have gotten used to receiving instantaneous, informed responses for their problems. It’s now the default expectation. And the new expectation is going to be anticipating customers’ needs. AI can assist your business in identifying  your customers’ unique set of needs and cater to them accordingly.

– In the New Economy, the relationship between a business and the customer is closer than its ever been.


– Customers want to immediately trust the businesses that they are giving their money to. They crave that open line of direct communication.


– Customers want to feel a 1:1 relationship with a business. The next generation of customer service will be about anticipating customers’ needs.

Businesses will have the ability to provide that personalized and instantaneous experience that customers are searching for, faster and more affordably. AI is creating that distinct possibility for any business, no matter its size.

How AI Can Create Faster Customer Service

Something to keep in mind is that people don’t necessarily want to talk just to a robot. I believe that the most adopted model will be where humans and bots are combined into one customer service experience.

– AI-assisted messaging will make it so that people don’t have to just converse with just a bot.


– In fact, the chatbot will act as the assistant in the conversation between the human agent and the customer.


One example of AI-assisted messaging is LivePerson, with allows businesses to get running quickly with pre-built bots.

Liveperson’s pre-built bots (which can be integrated in a variety of ways such as SMS and Facebook Messenger) can handle about half of all customer service interactions. The simple stuff can be handled by the bots, and the humans handle all of the complicated questions.

– AI-assisted customer service will allow human agents to spend more time on the complicated questions.

I can see this as a great tool for small businesses to expand their customer service without having to hire so many new people.  The system as it is can handle multiple interactions at once.

– So if I’m a customer service agent, I can handle the human-side with one customer while my bot is assisting me with another.

When creating a chatbot for your own site, it’s important to think about what your typical customer experience is like. Think about the first interaction you usually have with a potential customer. Are they asking a question? Looking for information? Or are they just interested in learning more about your brand?

When you identify these basic interactions, you can automate some of these within your own chatbot, making data collection and customer service simpler and faster for everyone.

How AI Can Personally Recommend Services & Products

If you building out your own AI infrastructure, keep in mind that the best results come when you know what to teach and ask of your AI. If you feed valuable data to your AI, it can make some pretty accurate predictions about what your customers will do next.

With this in mind, we’re building something big that will truly disrupt the legal space here at Chop Dawg.

Jurvo is the next generation of the law, a soon-to-be chatbot, search engine, lead generator and CRM tool all-in-one. This app is going to change the way individuals find attorneys and the way attorneys and their clients interact forever. None of this would be possible without the power of machine learning and AI. By training Jurvo to be powerful legal resource, the app will be able to answer questions and make informed recommendations for nearby reputable attorneys to anyone looking for legal help.

Jurvo will ask potential clients information regarding their case, and as soon as it has enough information, it’ll make an auto-recommendation to the best available law firm. Attorneys, their paralegals, and assistants can communicate with their clients all through the convenience of a mobile app, expediting case documentation and attorney-client communication.

The app organizes all data collected into a CRM-like folder, giving attorneys and their clients the ability to view the entire case at a quick glance. Jurvo even provides recommendations based off of data collected from similar cases and legal matters.

If Jurvo didn’t have the capability to learn, though, it would be pretty limited. As machines learn, the quality of the service will grow over time because Jurvo will be able to anticipate needs.

Making Intelligent & Accurate Predictions

Over the course of your business’s life, you’ll gather endless data about customers’ preferences, behaviors, and interactions.

In many cases, this data just sits around in storage.

– However, using this data to power artificial intelligence can make a huge difference for your business.


– When you feed high-quality data to AI, your AI can, in turn, make intelligent and accurate predictions about your customers.

Getting insight from AI about these trends can give your customer service and marketing teams a huge leg up.

An example of this is in action is with DigitalGenius by CoPilot. The AI learns from every agent interaction, so it gets smarter over time. As the AI gets smarter, it opens the door for faster, more responsive customer service that combines the best of human intelligence and machine learning.

Since customers today buy on experience and on convenience, CoPilot can play an important role to influence or define how the experience unfolds. And the data you gather can also help you in your own research.

By learning the demographics of your audience, you’ll get a better picture of what this experience and convenience needs to look like. Find out what particular part of your brand speaks to customers.

– What are they passionate about?


– What do you lack in comparison to your competitors?


AI can help you grab a snapshot of this data and so you can create the ultimate customer experience.

Getting Started With AI

The technology used to power artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming more capable and affordable for the small to mid-sized business.

Even if you’re running a small company with a limited budget, there’s no better time to get started using AI and build out your infrastructure.

Keep it organized, because AI is only as effective as the data you feed it. Gathering data can make AI work harder for you in the future and help keep your customers happy and engaged.

When transitioning your business to AI, the framework you set up is so important. Make sure that you are leveraging your team and your machines so that you can create a premium customer experience.

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