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If you have an idea for an innovative app, how can Chop Dawg help prove the concept? Let us show you two options.

Many potential clients that come to us believe that they need to release a product with every desired feature on day one. That’s simply not true. In fact, we’d say that going all in without proving your concept first is quite foolish. The questions you should be asking yourself are, “what do I need to do to show people that my app is worth their time, money, and interest?” and “how can invest in my idea but also not blow the bank?” It’s not as hard or costly as you think…

Note: if you don’t feel like you’re past the idea stage yet, schedule a 1:1 idea whiteboard session with me first.

Option #1: We can help you prove your concept before building your full app

The non-functioning prototype is the route to go here, as you’ll have a full demo of your app running on InVision but without the cost of developing something that works for users yet. Get people excited and show what they could potentially do with your app!

How does a non-functional prototype work?

Here are the assets you receive when we create your non-functioning prototype

A user interface (UI) and user experience design (UX). We'll first work on wireframes, then high fidelities, and we'll create a working demo using InVision. You can demonstrate your app's features to anyone without it needing to support users out of the gate.

Option #2: Release a market-ready product with a minimum viable product (MVP)

Hire us to implement all of the most necessary features and functions to cut back on development time & costs, but have a product that is ready for real users. We include all design services from Option #1.

If you're ready to build an MVP for your launch day, let's discuss a plan

It's not about hobbling features together or building an app that needs complete recoding in a year. We want to work together to code only the most necessary features to accommodate a happy group of users on launch day, but still build an app that is meant to last for as long as you need it.

Let's discuss further all of the options that you have to prove your concept