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As the Founder and CEO of Chop Dawg, I’ve listened and given feedback to over 1,000 ideas (no joke).

Out of these 1,000 or so ideas, my company and I have hit another milestone; recently we have turned our 200th idea into a reality.

Here are some of my favorite web and mobile apps we’ve made.

There’s a lot of hours, dedication, and learning we’ve put together over the years into knowing and understanding the full process of getting a good idea off the ground. I have also found the patterns for what makes a good idea versus what needs work.

If you’re interested in an app idea whiteboard session, fill out the contact form below, and we’ll schedule something! For the next six months (Aug 2017 to Jan 2018), I’ll be giving a free personal whiteboard session to 200 people.

That’s about 33-34 people per month, so the slots fill up faster than you think! When you fill out the form, I’ll send an email back to suggest dates to discuss. Even if you think it’s too late, still complete the form! I offer extra spaces on a case-by-by case basis.

Please note, at no point will I sell you anything or will I try to sell you anything. I make it pretty obvious what we do, so If you eventually need to outsource the design and development of your app idea, I hope you think of Chop Dawg! Otherwise, I want our conversation to be about your idea – and nothing else.