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The iPhone 12 is Finally Here


Kate Tenen wrote this article


Apple has finally unveiled its latest gifts to society at the recent ‘hi-speed’ keynote event!

Along with the highly anticipated iPhone 12, Apple dropped a few more must-have gadgets to the tech market — such as the new HomePod Mini, a smaller, more affordable version of their HomePod speaker.

Let’s take a closer look at the five most exciting updates Apple shared at their October 13th event, and what this means for iOS users and creators alike.

The iPhone 12 Has An Official Launch Date

First up, Apple has announced the release date of the latest iteration of its flagship product, the iPhone.

The newly-designed iPhone 12 features flat edges (reminiscent of those seen on the iPhone 4 and 5), two rear cameras supporting Night Mode, and a ceramic screen cover to offer greater durability. Best of all? All iPhone 12s are 5G compatible.

This was announced in conjunction with the news that Verizon is officially rolling out its 5G network nationwide to reach over 200 million potential users.

The standard iPhone 12 will measure up to 6.1 inches, with the iPhone 12 Pro Max becoming the largest iPhone ever at a whopping 6.7 inches.

That is a lot of screen!

While Android screen sizes have always been pretty varied (forcing many designers to design with scalability in mind), the majority of the market is determined by Apple’s moves.

Now, we have a ton of device styles to think about supporting: iPhone XR, iPhone SE, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and all those iPhone 11s — and that is before you factor in iPhone 8, iPhone 7…since they all support the latest version of iOS, too!

The iPhone 12 Pro Max will also feature three rear cameras offering a 5x optical zoom range between the lenses, and a stainless steel outer band for an extra layer of lens protection.

These cool hardware improvements are complimented wonderfully with iOS14’s new streamlined interface, designed to priorize and organize app usage.

But the feature we’ve been most excited for at Chop Dawg is the LiDar Scanner.

Augmented Reality Becomes Reality for Consumers

This long-rumored feature has officially been confirmed with this release!

The LiDar Scanner is a fourth sensor designed to accurately measure real-world depth — drastically improving performance in augmented reality apps. This is a revolutionary addition to the world of tech that will ensure AR finally has its “iPhone moment” and secures its position in the forefront of technology. It was previously released to the latest iPad Pro, making its arrival all but foretold.

In the past, AR seemed almost out of reach to everyday consumers, likely because the only way to participate was by purchasing pricey VR systems such as the HTC Vive or Oculus Quest.

But now that Apple is bringing AR to everyday items like the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro, it’s technology that the world, and especially app developers, should already be preparing to embrace.

A 5G Compatible iPhone At Every Price Point

Verizon’s nationwide 5G will take advantage of “dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS)” technology, which allows the carrier to run both 4G LTE and 5G side by side.

This is important, as 5G continues to be improved upon, and more users switch over to 5G compatible devices.

Chart: Global 5G Adoption to Take Off in 2021 | Statista

5G is going to usher in the next era of apps, creating new possibilities for app developers where previously, the 4G LTE network presented a few challenges.

The 5G network also means augmented reality apps will load instantaneously and glitch-free. Wearable devices can better monitor your health in real time, video downloads will speed up exponentially, and your FaceTime call quality will become crisp, clear. Developers will be able to truly push the envelope when it comes to video streaming, AR/VR gaming, and more.

– 4G’s average latency of 50 milliseconds should (eventually) be sliced to just one millisecond with 5G.

– Download speeds will be about 10 to 20 times faster than levels we currently enjoy.

– Support up to a million different devices in the same area (great news for IoT!).

– 100X improvement in traffic capacity compared to 4G connectivity.

– Ability to incorporate multiple 4K and HD video streams in VR/ AR apps for a better user experience.

We don’t even know what the future could hold, but we do know that 5G will make lags a thing of the past, proving that a 5G network truly is what we need for technology to continue moving forward. Click To Tweet

The entry level iPhone 12 will hit shelves on November 13th, but if you want to make sure you get your hands on one ASAP: pre-ordering is available now!

All three iterations of the new iPhone can be pre-ordered on November 6th, with it’s official launch date on November 13th.

The iPhone 12 is running at a cost of $829, with the 12 Pro Max at $1,099. The iPhone 12 Pro will also be available for pre-order on November 6th, ringing in at $999.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

If you’re someone like me who is always looking to stay up-to-date with the latest tech trends without spending your entire paycheck — worry not!

Apple has also announced the release of the more-affordable iPhone 12: Mini.

This compact device measures in at 5.4 inches, featuring an edge-to-edge screen and all of the other incredible specs supported by iPhone 12. It’s essentially the latest and greatest of Apple’s software updates and hardware in a familiar package. In fact, some critics have bemoaned its similarity to the size and build of the iPhone 5. The iPhone 12: Mini will also be available for pre-order on November 6th, launching on November 13th for $729!

Speaking of miniaturizing, Apple is also releasing the new HomePod Mini.

This is simply a smaller version of the previously released HomePod, a portable speaker featuring touch controls on the top, Siri-integration, and a new, rounded-shape.

The HopePod Mini will also be available in two different colors: space gray and white. This is Apple’s attempt to corner Amazon in the home speaker market, targeting would-be buyers of the more consumer-conscious Alexa with its $99 price point.

It joins the rest of Apple’s newly-released product line available for pre-order on November 6th — launching on November 16th.

No More Wired Headphones or Wall Chargers

What might be the biggest sticking point for many consumers out there is the news Apple shared about their plan to no longer include a wall-charger in the iPhone 12’s box.

There will also be no wired headphones with your new iPhone — so be prepared to purchase some new wireless headphones if you don’t already own a pair. It will still include a cable that is USB-C to Lightning.

But, if you’re worried about not having enough options for charging your new iPhone, fear not…MagSafe is here.

Apple has announced it’s reintroduction of MagSafe charging by unveiling its new wireless charging pads compatible with the iPhone 12 lineup. Consumers will have their choice of a single pad, made for charging one device at a time, or a duo-pad which will enable users to charge two phones at once. The duo will also feature a flip-up spot to charge your Apple Watch.

The single charging pad will hit store shelves on October 16th at a price of $39.99, but pricing and availability for the duo-pad have not yet been released.

All things considered, we are excited to see the iPhone 12 get an official release date amid Covid19 and all its major implications.

We want to hear your thoughts on Apple’s announcements and new products on the way. Let us know what you think in the comment section!

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