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I Tried 5 Fitness Apps in 5 Days and Ranked My Favorites


Kate Tenen wrote this article


With everything we have going on in our world today, I couldn’t help but think about finding an outlet to help relieve stress.

Working out is how I deal with my stress and anxiety. So, when every gym in the country closed down due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, I found myself desperate to find something that could help keep me motivated and focused on my fitness journey.

As much as I knew that working out at home was my only option, I also knew that I didn’t have a lot of fitness equipment or space.

So, after fengshui-ing my room in order to make some more space for movement, I set out to find my perfect workout app. I decided to try a new app every day to see which one would fit best into my life. After a lot of (literal) sweat and tears, I’m ready to share my findings on the best new fitness apps on the market.

What should a good workout app provide?
– Clear instructions in audio and/ or video form
– Encouragement from virtual coaches
– Wide variety of workout routines/ exercises targeting specific body parts that you can take and use on your own terms

#5 AAPTIV (iOS, Android $15/mo.)

+ Great, motivational coaches
+ No screen usage needed
+ Huge workout library
– More expensive than a basic gym membership.

Aaptiv is an audio-based fitness app.

If you’re someone who can’t stand the struggle of propping up your phone and pausing multiple times throughout your workout to see what your virtual coach is showing you — this app is probably right for you.

Aaptiv will talk you through each activity along the way, so as long as you have a pair of headphones, you’re all set! They also use licensed music in all of their classes, so you don’t have to spend time worrying about changing up your music to fit the vibe of whatever workout moves you’re pumping out.

Another great thing about Aaptiv is how they get you started with your journey.

Upon logging in for the first time, you’re asked to set a goal for yourself (running faster, losing weight, toning up, etc), followed by a few questions about your current fitness level and wellness habits.

You’re also asked about what workout equipment you have available at home, so they’re able to only suggest workouts that are compatible with whatever you already have.

While Aaptiv is highly customizable, the app does have a monthly subscription price costing members $15/month. And while this app will definitely get you moving with a library of over 3,000 virtual classes- It still does cost more than your basic Planet Fitness membership. For that reason, and because I personally am a more visual learner, making the audio-based app not fully my cup of tea- Aaptiv lands itself at 5th place in my lineup.

#4 Seven (iOS, Android: Free)

+Super quick, convenient
+Helps you easily monitor progress
– Free version is not very customizable

The 7-minute workout fad has been around for some time, but one of my favorites on the app market is Seven by Perigee.

This is the perfect wellness app for those who are just starting their fitness journeys. The eponymous app is simple — workouts for seven minutes a day for seven months.

The daily routines provided to you are demonstrated by 3D guides as you scroll through, with each slide having a timer for the amount of time you should be continuing your reps.

Seven introduces in-app gamification, making the challenge fun by rewarding you with achievements, so the more your stick with the program, the more new activities will be unlocked.

There’s also an awesome social aspect to this app, allowing users to connect with their friends who are also using Seven for virtual encouragement (or if you’re competitive like I am, a little friendly competition).

If you’re new to working out, Seven is a must-have on your phone.

It’s got the perfect format for easing a beginner into more challenging workouts.

Plus, anyone can do anything for only seven minutes. It’s excellent for individuals who have to work their workouts into their super busy lives, and my favorite part: Seven is FREE.

However, if you end up loving this app and would like to tailor it more to yourself, there is a subscription-based club costing $9.99 per month, or $79.99 per year. The 7 Club membership comes complete with access to all workouts and personalized workout plans.

As much as I like their mission of pushing everyone simply to MOVE, even if it’s just for seven minutes a day- I’m typically someone who needs more of a push from my virtual trainers. I like feeling like I know the person who’s encouraging me through the screen, which is why Seven has landed itself in the second to last in this fitness driven race.

#3 Love Sweat Fitness (iOS, Android- $36/ 3mos.)

+Amazing fitness personalities
+Easy routines that are effective for all levels
+Additional workout plans/challenges for every major time of year
+ Helpful tracker function
– Subscription can be pricey, and you have to pay an additional fee for meal plans.

Love Sweat Fitness was the one app I actually purchased a subscription to once my free trial had expired.

I absolutely loved this app because it provided the perfect balance of structure and fun. LSF is an app developed by Katie Dunlop, a fitness expert and entrepreneur that created an entire health/wellness community within the LSF app.

Katie is your main coach throughout the LSF experience, providing you with all types of different video workouts ranging from dance cardio, yoga, “chillates” and more.

And while you’ll have all of those resources to choose from as a way to get your heart rate up, you’re also given a different routine to do for each day of the week.

Each day is dedicated to specific body parts, ensuring that you’re working your full body evenly throughout the week (rest/recovery days are included in your schedule so you don’t overwork or injure yourself). Each video workout also features a few different women, all that have different body types.

The whole program is just really simple to stick to and the app is also incredibly aesthetically pleasing. But my overall favorite part of this app is the community that Katie Dunlop has created for women all over the globe within LSF.

Katie is a perfect example of a hyper-successful product of the fourth industrial revolution, where social media and brand power have joined forces.

I loved my first 3 months with LSF even though it’s slightly pricier than my basic gym membership. But with Katie being someone I can truly look up to, Love Sweat Fitness definitely deserves it’s #3 spot in this ranking.

#2 Active by POPSUGAR (iOS, Android- Free)

+ Offers cardio, strength, and yoga training
+ 500+ workouts
+ Awesome workout plans
+ All video based

As someone who loves to live by a schedule, I couldn’t help but love Active, one of Apple’s “Top Free Apps”.

This app is completely video based with hundreds of workouts led by celebrity trainers who truly have the best personalities. PopSugar Fitness has a mission to encourage it’s users to live healthy, happy lives. They aim to make the fitness experience easily accomplished by the average everyday individual.

A major convenience point is earned due to the majority of the workouts found on Active are completely equipment-free, using only your bodyweight.

And while there are plenty of strengthening workouts, PopSugar Fitness also offers HIIT and yoga training, creating a hyper-diverse library complete with multiple personalities you can look to for coaching, earning Active by PopSugar the runner up spot in my top 5.

#1 MyPlate by LIVESTRONG (iOS, Android- Free)

+Excellent for tracking your calories/meals
+Subscription options that provide full meal-plans
+Hundreds of yummy, healthy recipes
-Limited workouts provided

Any fitness professional will tell you that half the battle of getting into shape is allll about your diet.

I’m one of those people who LOVES her carbs, but ever since I downloaded MyPlate and started tracking my meals, I’ve had a much easier time with keeping my calories (and carb-loading) under control.

Can’t find what you’re eating in their database?

No worries!

You can put in your own foods so you’re always staying accurate in seeing how many calories you’re consuming.

Another way MyPlate makes itself useful is by providing hundreds of recipes provided by professional staff, but also by the community of other MyPlate users that are uniting virtually to create, share, and encourage each other.

While MyPlate does give its users a few different workouts that change every week, the choices are definitely limited. I enjoy how MyPlate makes it easy by breaking up each workout into levels of difficulty. They also breakdown each workout into text so you can familiarize yourself with what you’ll be getting yourself into before taking off into your virtual class.

MyPlate does offer multiple subscription options which will open up the meal-plan feature, but with everything it already offers at the price of $0.00- I’m impressed. For me, MyPlate is the perfect tool for my busy, active lifestyle that can keep me moving, but also keep my eating habits under control, earning this wellness/nutrition app the top spot in my lineup.

And while these are my top 5 favorite wellness apps currently on the App Market, they’ve definitely got some hot competition coming up soon with Chop Dawg’s latest partnership.

We’re currently developing a top-notch fitness app with Mari Fitness Guides, a fitness empire started and run by Mari Llewellyn.

With SLAY, users have easy access to keep track of their gym guides and videos of techniques.

Notifications are a big part of keeping users accountable in their fitness journey in the app, providing uplifting and fun anecdotes throughout their fitness journey. With tons of in-app features, Slay encourages users to open the app daily to actively do their routines, track their progress, and even share their photos to social media alongside quick access to all of the content built over the years via Mari Fitness Guides.

Be on the lookout for SLAY coming soon to the iOS App Store and Android Google Play!

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