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How To Present Your App Idea To Developers

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Isadora Teich wrote this article


If you are a non-technical entrepreneur with an amazing app idea, but you have no idea how to present it to potential developers and partners, this post is for you!

Don’t get bogged down by unfamiliar jargon or let unknowns stand in your way. Once you know how to properly communicate your idea, you will be well on your way to creating the app of your dreams.

Let’s get started.

Don’t Create A Project Specifications Document On Your Own

A project specifications document is also known as a project requirements document. This outlines all of the specifics of your app. This includes things likes flow, logic, technical specifications, and features.

Many sources say that you should have this completed before contacting developers, however, that really depends on your situation.

If you have a solid understanding of app development already, it makes complete sense that you would create this document first.

However, if you are a non-technical entrepreneur, creating this document yourself can create more problems than it solves.

The Terrible Two

One of the most significant things that crash app development projects (and businesses in general) before they can even get off the ground is a failure to plan.

Via Success Harbor

As creators do not have a solid plan from the beginning, they can’t lead or communicate winning ideas. This creates a whole new problem when it comes to apps.

As a result, the nature of the project changes so frequently that no one can keep up and costs skyrocket. This is known as development scope creep.

On small-scale projects, this is not such a big deal. However, app creation, development, and launch may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and take years if these problems take hold.

If you do not have the technical background to back up your design, you may be suggesting things that vastly increase the complexity of your app or do not work at all. This can lead to a series of expensive headaches.

Ask And Answer The Right Questions

The right app development team will ask you the right questions and work with you where you happen to be. They will be able to translate your requirements into feasible technical specifications.

After all, it is very unreasonable to expect someone without a tech background to design a perfect app on their own overnight.

Instead of a project specifications document full of technical jargon you may not understand, be able to answer some key questions about your app. Like these:

-What big problem will my app solve?
-Who is my ideal user?
-Who are my competitors?
-How is my product different from its main competitors?
-How do I want it to look and why?

Once you can paint a clear picture of how you want your app to be and function, knowledgeable designers and developers can apply technology correctly to build it.

Make A Wireframe

If you are a non-technical entrepreneur, you may be wondering what this is. According to Decode:

In simple terms, a mobile app wireframe is a two-dimensional sketch that serves as a visual guide and illustrates how an application will work. A wireframe doesn’t represent the full design of the app, but only the key screens and interface elements.

You can even draw this out on a few pieces of paper. However, if you aren’t sure how to get started, there are a number of online tools you can use to guide you.

Remember, the point of this wireframe is to get your point across, not to impose a development scope. When you present them, make sure it’s clear that these wireframes are for explanation only.

An app development team should be able to translate them into a functional app with a solid user experience.

Work With A Development Team That Has Entrepreneurial Experience

The truth is that the world of app development can not exactly be friendly to small startups and businesses. Many companies solely focus on building apps for large corporate clients.

So, if you are a solo entrepreneur with an idea who reaches out to them, you may never hear back.

There can also be large discrepancies when it comes to pricing and the kind of service and product you will ultimately get.

You have likely heard stories about an entrepreneur who, in order to save money, hired an app development team off of a gig app for only a few hundred dollars.

As a result, they ended up with a subpar app or nothing at all. For the same project, some developers may quote you a thousand dollars and others may quote you a hundred thousand too.

There is a wide range outside of price as well. For example, all reputable app development agencies and teams will offer you some sort of bug-fix guarantee.

This means that for a certain amount of time after launch, they will work with you and make any necessary changes.

The Benefits of an Entrepreneurial App Development Team

No one sets out to create an app for no reason. You have a distinct vision and goal. You want to grow your business and cultivate success.

Every entrepreneur needs a team in their corner that understands this and can help them get there.

You are not just building an app. You are creating a business and curating an experience that will hopefully reach countless users.

A team that has experience helping small businesses and startups does so much more than understand how to technically build an app.

They Understand Your Goals

They know how to maximize functionality and streamline the development experience by focusing on core features. They know what works and how to work within a budget.

If you bring an app development idea to a team and they accept it instantly without asking any questions or making any suggestions, that is a big red flag.

You want to work with a team that understands not only how to technically build an app, but how to build one that people will actually use.

This takes a lot more work than you handing them a list and them agreeing to do it point-blank. While you might want your app yesterday, even the initial planning and scope creation period should take time.

If it doesn’t, you may end up pouring a ton of money into an app that never launches.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this post has you feeling ready to approach developers! You know some of what you need to do and also what you should look for when considering a team.

If you want to get started building the app of your dreams, reach out to Chop Dawg today for a free consultation. We work with startups and entrepreneurs to not only build apps but build apps that users love!

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