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How Mobile Apps Are Transforming the Construction Industry

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Tammy Slaughter wrote this article


Construction is booming.


Experts predict the construction industry will have one of the largest increases in growth of all sectors, reaching almost $1.2 trillion by next year.

To keep up with this demand, more companies within the construction industry are turning to digital technology to augment their existing business infrastructure.

Still other experts from within construction are using their vast knowledge and experience to create apps that are revolutionizing the industry as we know it.

Enter the ‘Uber of the construction industry’

One such app is Payload, a soon-to-be mobile application available for IOS and Android developed right here with love at Chop Dawg.

The CEO of Payload, Dominic Truelove, has seen his fair share of the daily problems and hiccups that can often disrupt a job’s progress as the sole proprietor of Spartan Drywall since 2008.

One of the biggest pain points that he experienced comes down to obtaining all of the necessary tools and materials while on-site to get the job done.

When contractors have to run to a home improvement store to pick up necessary equipment and materials while on the job, it puts everything on pause.

In construction, time is money.

With contractors on the clock while someone runs to the store to get what’s needed but no tangibles being delivered during that time, nobody wins. Clients get upset at the perceived lack of progress, and project managers lose profit in the long run.

Frustrated that there was no viable solution for general contractors out there, the team at Payload swore they would create the solution.

That’s where Payload comes in.

Similar in functionality to apps such as Postmates, Uber, Instacart, and TaskRabbit, Payload allows job site managers to list what is needed in detail and ping any contractors on the app available to complete the pickup.

Once the application matches the request with a nearby contractor and they’ve accepted the job, they’ll be able to shop on behalf of the manager back on the job site.

There’s no time lost, and the nominal delivery fee facilitated through the app is a small price to pay for the contractor to keep productivity and progress going on the actual job site.

Curious about the inner workings of the app?

Head over the Chop Dawg’s portfolio to explore how Payload works.

Leveraging apps to improve a construction company’s bottom line

Groundbreaking new apps like Payload aside, all construction projects require an enormous amount of coordination when it comes to manpower, information and resources – all in an environment that isn’t desktop or even laptop friendly in many cases.

Construction and project managers need the ability to manage many elements of a project all at once. All this while keeping an eye on the bottom line, too.

From keeping track of subcontractors, progress, scheduling, permits, inspections, quotes, invoices, schedules, union work rules and more.

Historically, many construction managers have used pen and paper for tracking.

But this is a time-consuming process that completely misses out on the opportunity to use the enormous amount of data collected to identify long-term trends and opportunities to improve efficiency.

The mobile technology available today offers ample opportunity to reduce costs, and accelerate timelines by offering this much-needed efficiency.

With the mainstream use of smartphones and the ability to easily travel to and from job sites, here are some of the ways construction managers are using the power of apps to improve their bottom line:

On-the-go communication with team members in the field:

Things are always on the go in the construction industry when it comes to materials, people, schedules and equipment. Mobile apps with GPS capability can help construction managers keep track of or send new jobs to the closest technician. Technicians are able to complete work orders directly from the field, reducing data entry time and avoiding costly errors in the long run.


Real-time access to plans, quotes and orders:

Apps can provide two-way access to information: allowing construction companies to file electronic versions of work orders, plan clarifications, building code references, by-laws and more for quick access by teams in the field. This improves productivity overall.


Improve accountability of team members:

Time is money. GPS locations, travel times, and time spent on job sites can all be consistently monitored via mobile apps. This improves accountability in team members and reduces labor costs. Using mobile timesheets to record clock-in/clock-out times. companies can reduce labor costs. To benefit transparency with clients and management, staff can also document their work progress with photos available in an app.


Manage expensive equipment effectively:

Equipment scheduling and maintenance can affect a construction company’s bottom line. With a mobile application, it’s easier to track and manage equipment use. Users can log equipment hours and keep track of locations to improve planning and use.


Track and provide safety training:

Construction safety features include the ability to digitize safety inspection checklists, document safety meetings and incidents, and provide instruction in the event of accidents. Up-to-date training materials (including video) can be easily pushed out to workers on their mobile devices using a custom app.

A custom mobile app is a small price to pay for more efficient operations

While a custom mobile app can run anywhere between $25 and $200,000K depending on features and functionalities, the reality is, it is a small price to pay to increase the efficiency of construction management and operations in the long run.

Scheduling subcontractors and employees alone takes hours each and every day.

Not to mention managing the day-to-day progress on each job site to ensure a project doesn’t end up in the red.

When you add in things like permits, inspections, managing equipment and employees – there are simply too many reasons it makes sense to turn to digital technology.

Why not build an app that solves some of the most challenging pain points faced by those in the construction industry and get time back to do what truly matters: building all of our future.

Reach out to the team at Chop Dawg for your free consultation!

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