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How to handle a slump in your business

Leadership & Inspiration

Joshua Davidson wrote this article


For those of you who happen to know me very well, you know how big of a fan I am of baseball (and of course, my Philadelphia Phillies).

I grew up in a household where baseball was pretty much religion. Some of my great memories were learning about the past players of the Philadelphia Phillies, going to a game in the middle of the summer, being with my father the night the Philadelphia Phillies won their second championship in history. Baseball is a game of traditions, a game of history, a game of family.

Baseball is also a marathon, not a sprint.

With so many games into a season, even the best hitters, fall into a slump. They’ll start taking terrible swings, not reading pitches very well, making terrible contact, striking out left and right. Trust me, I know my fair share of these. I am a Phillies fan after all.

Here is the crazy thing though in baseball. The law of averages. If you’re an average .300 hitter (meaning that you will have a hit 30% of the time) and you’re batting under .100 for the month of June, it means that you’re bound to level out. You need to just keep playing. You need to just keep staying focused and getting back into the batter’s box.

This is the same for business.

No company has had perfect growth month in and month out. We’re the first ones to admit it at Chop Dawg. We have had months that disappointed ourselves revenue wise and months where we started to question what we were doing.

It happens.

Here is the thing.

You don’t quit.

Understand the law of averages.

You deal with a disgruntled client, a lackluster month, a missed contract.

Do you let any of those things bring you down and keep you down? Hell no. You get back up, you get back to work, you move on.

Law of averages. If you know you’ll be successful in the long run, trust the process and keep hustling. Keep putting in everything that you have for yourself, for your team, and most importantly of all, for your company.

Slumps can and will happen. You can have the best momentum today and tomorrow, your company can lose its top three customers all at once. Vice-versa, you can be in a slump for half a year, just to end the year doubling your growth from the year before combined (this has happened to us, for example).

Sometimes you need to trust the process, have faith, trust your hard work, trust your team and keep moving.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Just like in baseball, you keep getting back in there. You try to clear your head, think positive, keep moving.

Batter up.

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