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Is your idea for an app any good?

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Joshua Davidson wrote this article


I love speaking to people that are passionate about what they are doing or want to do.

What I love even more is when these passionate people feel a sense of purpose that drives them to dedicate themselves to a good cause.

Most of all, I love talking to people who aren’t boring.

Talking with innovative thinkers on how to build on their ideas into something that’s a tangible reality is something that I have the pleasure to do a lot. Besides for that, I am adamant about talking about business sustainability.

There are a few things though that make me cringe a bit when you tell me your idea:

1. It’s going to be the Uber of X.”

2. The monetization strategy is “hopefully I can sell the data.”

3. “I’m sure that X is going to feel threatened or intrigued enough by our idea to buy us out before we even have a dollar in the bank!

There is no plan here on how an idea can (and needs) to have a sustainable funding formula.

Going back to selling your data – don’t be negligent about the potential implications if you currently are. I don’t often hear any consideration as to who and why someone would want to buy their data. You don’t have a thorough understanding of your market goes well beyond blog posts.

You need a holistic knowledge of the economic effects that your app has.

If you aren’t open to any possible criticism, suggestion, or even the slightest pivot, I would say that you aren’t ready yet. Being mission-driven is critical but don’t interpret that as “fulfill the mission at all costs.” Sometimes you need to pivot a bit.

But most of all, it just makes me plain sad when I can tell that you aren’t that passionate about what you’re doing. Passion inspires purpose. Think of it as steering your passion into focused direction.

Without passion, there is no purpose.

And if there is no one being served by your idea, then what’s the point?

Think beyond “the app” or even “the product,” what is the point of your idea and is it even needed?

It’s a necessary consideration to make.

Are you solving a problem that people are having or are you creating a problem to solve?

There’s also a difference between an idea that enhances people’s lives and those that better lives. An analysis of the economic implications of your proposed business is always something that I recommend.

I’d like to hear your idea and give you my 100% honest opinion, feedback, and suggested game plan

My team and I have turned over 200 ideas into apps.

Not all of them have been a success, but others have turned into apps that are also sustainable businesses.

200 ideas is a lot to hear, create products for, and then see the outcome. I’m grateful for what I’ve learned, and it’s given rise to one of my new purposes; to educate as many as I can on what I know about turning ideas into sustainable app businesses.

I’ve decided that I would like to sit down with 200 people over the next six months in honor of reaching our 200th app made.

The offer; An hour idea whiteboard session together on Google Meet (formally Google Hangouts) where we can discuss if your app idea is any good. If you’re passionate about your purpose, have turned that into an idea, and want to figure out how to turn that into a sustainable business.

Read more about my offer here.

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