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Chapter One: Why You Need A Framework

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Michael was eager to jump into this topic, as it’s something he often thinks about. After all, the more entrepreneurs entering the pool, the harder it is to stand out, right?

Yes, let’s talk about that bubble. Should you be an entrepreneur? Yes, but only if there is a problem that needs to get solved, you are willing to take the quality of life cut, and if you truly know that starting a company is the BEST way to create a solution. If you can do all of those three things, then be an entrepreneur.

And that is true! Because the other problem with entrepreneurship is that there are too many people entering the game for the wrong reasons. The desire to become an entrepreneur cannot be based solely on the pursuit of individual success or wealth, because that’s a foundation that is more likely to crumble under your own self-hype.

The purpose of entrepreneurship has gotten away from solving actual problems to simply becoming the ‘person behind THAT thing.’ A lot of college students will graduate and form their own companies. Well-meaning friends of the first-time entrepreneurs are encouraging them to start companies rather than joining existing teams.

This ends up creating a bit of a paradox. When everyone wants to be a leader, who will then work collectively to make sure ideas become reality? If everyone wants to be the “starter of things,” then who will be doing the joining? We’ll explore these questions in the next chapter, where we’ll dive deeper into the implications of the New Economy.

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