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Chapter One: Why You Need A Framework

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There are thousands of individuals out there who shoot tremendous free throws or make decent lay-ups time after time. But you don’t see them playing professional basketball, do you? It takes so much more than just being good at one small part of a complex game. It requires a holistic understanding of all of the parts of the game that you’re playing and how to put them all together to be successful.

The same is true if you want to win big in entrepreneurship. You need to learn the fundamentals, the strategies, and the rules of navigating through the New Economy. Once you have that understanding, you can then start practicing the plays.

You also, perhaps most importantly, need to learn the why in yourself. What I mean about the why is, what are you doing besides being an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurs who have found their why will not tell you that their chief motivation is “entrepreneurship” or “making money.” They may tell you that they want to provide clean drinking water to people who didn’t previously have access. They may tell you that they started a YouTube channel to educate people on their finances, to help others avoid making the financial mistakes they once made themselves. Your why is what ever mission you want to fulfill, and if you need to start it yourself, entrepreneurship is the vehicle to get there. Once you understand the why, you’ll be able to understand the how. This is where you begin diving deeper into more complex, advanced strategies in order to win the game. You’ll learn how it relates to all of the following pieces that make up the framework throughout this book: self-awareness, empathy, leadership, short-term and long-term thinking, economics, operations, and purpose.

This is the framework that you’ll begin to soon understand, adapt, and leverage. Soon, I will walk you through how to use the framework and the visual spider chart that is used throughout this book.

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