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Sometimes, you just want a straight answer about how things work. Here’s a list of common questions, and how we work.

What It’s Like To Work With Us

Does Chop Dawg have its own NDA (non-disclosure agreements) that I can sign before I share my idea?

We do! You can download a PDF and sign our Mutual NDA by clicking here. You can also email us directly at and we’ll be happy to send you a copy.

Where should I be located to work with Chop Dawg?

You can be anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection that is compatible with Google Meet. Our partners are working on their businesses from many parts of the world!

Do you work with clients in countries outside of the United States?

Absolutely we do! We have partnered with companies and individuals from many countries such as Canada, Mexico, Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Thailand, Kuwait, Egypt, New Zealand, Australia, and China since 2009.

What kind of clients has Chop Dawg worked with in the past?

We’ve built our processes and capabilities to work for a broad range of organization sizes — from early-stage startups to large enterprises. Working in a diversity of spaces is essential to our team’s continuous proficiency and growth.

We are selective with the industries we work with, but we never turn down an incredible opportunity just because we haven’t worked with a specific industry before. We are continually leveraging our acquired capabilities from past projects into new ones. We discuss this further in our Process Page

That being said, what are some of the industries that we know very well? Here’s a shortlist: Healthcare, investing, online retail, dating, real estate, the stock market, internal business operations, gaming, theme parks, casinos, education, sports, government, hospitality, and environmental management.

Use our Portfolio Page to look through our select catalog of work.

Don’t see your industry above? Want to see if our team could work in your industry? Contact us via our Contact Page or send an email to We would be happy to help!

What it’s like to work with Chop Dawg?

Though every partner project is different, we often break our projects into distinct phases that you can read about in our Process Page.

Does Chop Dawg charge me to receive a proposal?

Our project proposal is always free! That being said, we require any potential client of ours to sign an LOI (Letter of Intent) first before we proceed forward on a proposal. Our proposals do expire 28-days (four full weeks) from the initial date you received it.

What happens if my proposal expires?

If your proposal expires after the 28-day expiration, you won’t be able to re-open it for one calendar year. This allows us at Chop Dawg to ensure we’re creating proposals for those who are serious about proceeding forward with us and give other organizations the opportunity to work with us without worrying about a potential conflict of interest.

Until you sign a Letter of Intent (LOI) with us, there is no time on the clock or expiration date to worry about. We recommend moving forward with a proposal only if you’re determined to begin working with us within 1-2 months from that specific date to avoid having it expire on you prematurely.

What is a Letter of Intent (LOI)?

Before we begin working on a formal proposal for you, we kindly ask all of our clients to sign and execute a Letter of Intent (LOI) with us. This is a small agreement that discusses everything you should expect in the proposal planning process (Discovery) with us. For example, all of our proposals have a 28-day expiration. If you do not move forward with us after 28-days, you either can let the proposal expire, sign the contract agreement to proceed forward on your project with us, or put down a small 20% refundable deposit to keep the proposal up indefinitely without worrying about it expire.

Our LOIs also works to avoid any possible conflicts of interest. The LOI allows both us, a fair, transparent way to plan accordingly before working together. Carefully setting the agreed upon terms before anything is underway has allowed for many smooth project turnarounds.

How does Chop Dawg communicate with clients? How do I communicate with Chop Dawg?

Strong communication makes working together significantly easier, and we take this seriously. That is why for all of our partners, we work together to determine how much communication is needed. Some projects require weekly meetings. For others, bi-weekly and monthly meetings suffice. We are always a call or an email away.  And most of all, we feel accountable for your product’s success. We incorporate you into our process and work with you directly to drive things forward. We’ll also provide you with progress board in Jira, a state-of-the-art project management platform.

When it comes to our remote meetings, we traditionally use Google Meet. This allows you to chat with us, screenshare, and more. Google Meet is supported on any web browser, operating system, and even available as a mobile app for both the iPhone and Android. We also have a call-in number that you can use, in case you ever find yourself on the road without a reliable internet connection!

Outside of our weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly calls with you, you’ll know the personal emails of all of the people on your team. You’ll be able to text message us, call us or email us at any time, and you’ll always hear back from us within one business day, tops. We’re your team and available 24/7 for you.

How do we collaborate in the Design phase?

You’ll have access to provide us feedback on everything through the following tools: Google Workspace, Figma, Slack and Jira/ Confluence. This allows for you to not only track our work in real-time but provide us your timely feedback as well.

How do we collaborate in the Programming phase?

We build everything on our own, highly secure and private development server. When we are building a react native application, you will receive “builds” to see your app in real-time as we are working on it, and you’ll be able to provide us feedback along the way. If we’re building a web app or website, you will receive a direct URL (link) to access on any web browser.

How much time will I need to communicate with the Chop Dawg team?

The more information that we have on what you are looking for, the better! However, we’re also mindful of your time. For many of our partners, hopping onto our weekly, bi-weekly, and/or monthly scheduled calls is more than enough for us to do our jobs successfully. On average, these calls will last between twenty minutes to an hour. In most cases, you will never need to give us more than an hour a week, even on the most complex of projects, though you are always encouraged to provide us more time if you are up to it!

Does Chop Dawg provide any delivery guarantees for all projects?

Of course! For any project that we take on, we include an 30-day bug warranty and maintenance window. You’ll never owe us final payment on any project until it has been completed 100% and is approved by you.

Does Chop Dawg work with competing businesses at the same time?

Never. All of our prospective partners sign a non-conflict of interest clause with us in our Letter of Intents (LOIs). For any partner that is currently active with us, we will not work with their competitors. It’s our commitment to seeing our partners succeed, always.

What does being an “active parter” mean?

Being an “active partner” means you have an open, existing contract with Chop Dawg that has yet to be fulfilled or completed. It also means that we have your back, dawg!

Does Chop Dawg own the intellectual property of the project upon completion?

No, absolutely not. Upon final payment being made, transfer of all ownership occurs, with everything we created for that particular project becoming the property of our partners.

Does Chop Dawg help with the marketing of a project upon completion?

Yes! When we’re creating your product, we always have branding in mind. As a result, we’ll leverage our brand, website traffic, and social media following to promote your product leading up to its launch. In addition, for all of our active partners, we offer marketing consultations throughout your project duration, as progress in that area dictates, at no additional cost to you. We know that great marketing is essential for apps, and we want to help steer you in the right direction.

Does Chop Dawg help with the hosting of an application upon completion?

You bet. If you’ve decided to have your final product hosted on your own server, we will help you transfer the completed product to its new home. If you decide to remain hosted with us, we offer all our partners complimentary hosting for as long as we can support you! This is a service offered to all active partnerss at no additional costs.

Does Chop Dawg help with raising funding/capital?

Absolutely! We’ll offer our feedback on any presentation materials such as their pitch decks and business documents, and we will guide as you craft your pitch. We’re always happy to make introductions for you to angel investors and VC firms that are in our network. This is a service offered to all active partners at no additional cost. We can’t make any promises here, but we’ll always make an intro or recommendation whenever we can. Check out this post for reliable funding sources in 2020.

Does Chop Dawg help with attracting media attention?

We do! We’ll offer our advice on how to stand out to the media when seeking to get coverage, and who to reach out to. We’ve also directly connected our partners with media partners in the past, such as, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, TechCrunch, TheNextWeb, Mashable, EliteDaily, NBC News, FOX News, ABC News, Startup Grind,, Business Insider, and more.

Project Planning and Logistics

Does Chop Dawg accept profit-sharing or equity as a form of payment?

Unfortunately, we do not. If you’re interested in learning more about why we (and other high-quality development companies) do not accept profit-sharing, equity, or joint-ventures as a form of compensation, you can read this post that our CEO Joshua Davidson wrote on the topic. Here’s an up-to-date resource on seeking funding for your future app in 2020. If the entry-level cost of app development is prohibitive to your overall venture right now, consider starting with a NFP (non-functioning prototype). At Chop Dawg, this includes the full design of your future app, including wireframes, hi-fis, product flows and a clickable prototype to demonstrate your app’s functionality to investors, customers and users alike. We’ve also launched an alternate development model, where we outsource the programming side of the app only (something we typically don’t do at Chop Dawg) with our core US-based team still handling the rest.

How much will it cost to have Chop Dawg build my app?

Every project that we work on for our partners is different since no two apps or sites are built the same!

Here, we’ve provided a broad range of typical project costs based on platform and development source. The time, labor and whether or not we utilize our core US-based development team are big factors in where pricing falls.

Branding: $1,000 to $10,000+ (USD)
Non-Functional Prototype (NFP): $15,000 to $30,000+ (USD)
WordPress/ E-Commerce Site: $10,000 to $50,000+ (USD)
Website App: $100,000 to $300,000+ (USD)
Cross-Platform iOS/ Android App: $100,000 to $300,000+ (USD)

Recently, we’ve launched an alternate in-house development model for startups, nonprofits and small businesses, so we can also offer our services in the 50K-100K range for full-scale apps. By outsourcing the development side of your app (something we typically don’t do here at Chop Dawg) to a trusted overseas team who works under the watchful eye of one of our US-based senior developers and your project manager, we’re able to pass those cost-savings on to you, and bring you into our wheelhouse to work within our proven methodology for much less than using our core onshore development team. Nothing changes about our overall app development process — you’d still partner with one of our UI/UX designers for the design, and have a dedicated PM to walk you through the entire process.

Website Application Using Our Offshore Development Team: $50,000 to $100,000+ (USD)
Cross-Platform iOS/ Android App Using Our Offshore Development Team: $50,000 to $100,000+ (USD)

If you’re interested in receiving a more exact estimate on your website or app idea, you can email us directly at We’d be more than happy to help!

How does Chop Dawg’s billing structure work?

When it comes to any project with us that will require over 40 hours of work, we bill at a set rate. You’ll know up front how much it will cost to build your new website, iPhone app, etc. with us.

After we’ve worked together to establish the requirements of the project, our team will determine the scope of work required. We will provide you with an exact budget requirement, and a realistic estimate on the timeframe we expect your project to take. We do not believe in billing large projects by the hour, week, or month, to decrease potential inaccuracies in the final scope of work. This also keeps us in check, and it is in our best interest to keep projects timely and high-quality.

When it comes to set-rate projects, smaller ones are usually broken into two payments with 50% due upfront, and 50% upon completion, ready for launch.

For larger set-rate projects such as building a mobile or web app, these projects are broken into multiple, equal payments for the duration of the project. For example, if you were quoted at $100,000 (USD) with an estimated timeframe of nine months of work with us, you would have a payment plan of ten payments of $10,000 (USD) throughout the entire project, owed monthly. The final payment would not be due until upon completion, ready for launch.

If a project requested is under 40 hours of work, such as a small tweak/task, we would work with you to come up with a fair hourly rate. These type of projects we usually skip over the proposal process defined in Discovery, to help save and maximize time efficiency for our partners.

How does Chop Dawg remain accountable for project delays?

In the circumstances of a delay caused by us, we would push back a payment plan accordingly to the delay we have caused. For example, if we caused a 10-day delay due to us taking longer on wireframes for you, all future payment due dates will be pushed back by ten days to offset the difference.

This is easily enforced since we agree upon the timed milestones before and during Discovery. It’s our expectation to always manage our clients fairly, and this is one of the ways we ensure we always hold ourselves accountable to do just that.

How long does an average project with Chop Dawg take to complete?

This answer in regards to project timeframes will vary by the type of project and client that we are working with. That said, here is a breakdown of the average time committed per project type with us over the last 24 months:

Branding: 1-2 Months
WordPress/ E-Commerce Site: 2-3 Months
Non-Functional Prototype (NFP): 2-3 Months
Website Application: 5-6 Months
Cross-Platform iOS/ Android Application: 6-8 Months

When we provide the timeframe estimates above, this assumes that we are creating something from scratch. When starting at zero, you’ll need us to create the user interface design, backend programming, iOS/Android or web frontend programming, administrator backend, frontend website, branding, and server setup/configuration.

During the project proposal stage, you’ll receive a breakdown of how long each phase will take and what is going to be done during the expected timeframes.

If you’re interested in receiving a more exact timeframe estimate on your website or app idea, you can email us directly at We’d be more than happy to help you!

Does Chop Dawg set a limit to the amount of revisions/feedback during a project?

Nope, never. We never want you to feel you have sacrificed the quality of your product, ever. You’ll have the ability to provide us as much feedback and revisions through the Design phase on every single wireframe, high fidelity, and product flow provided to you. Only once you have approved each deliverable, we will move forward on the next phase of your project with us.

How does Chop Dawg accept payments?

We’re able to accept payments through three different methods. The most common way for our partners is ACH/Direct Deposit (bank-to-bank). We also accept checks to our mailing address, and credit/debit card through Plastiq or PayPal (though this does add a 2.5% – 3.3% processing fee to each payment that you make).

Does Chop Dawg provide references from active and previous clients?

Of course! Drop us an email at, and we will be more than happy to direct you to our references. If you’re able to provide us with more details about what it is you’re trying to have built too, we can give you specific references matching that type of project to be the best fit.

What does Chop Dawg program with for their websites and applications?

For our websites and web applications, our method of choice when it comes to programming is PHP with MySQL. We use the framework Laravel when it comes to web application programming too. For most websites/eCommerce websites, you’ll traditionally find us working with WordPress and WooCommerce. We also support Magento and Bootstrap. All of our websites and web apps are written using HTML5 and CSS3.

For our iOS applications, we support Swift and React Native. We also have the ability to support Objective-C for iOS, though we’ve been phasing this out to support Swift since it has been made the standard by Apple. When it comes to Android, we support Java and React Native. All of our iOS and Android applications use a REST API to communicate data.

Will Chop Dawg sign my NDA?

We unfortunately can’t sign your NDA since as an agency, businesses pitch us ideas that may be similar to yours. We can’t prevent ourselves from hearing other businesses’ ideas or functionalities that may be similar in purpose. However, we don’t want businesses to ever think that we are stealing their ideas or not taking the protection of their intellectual property (IP) seriously. We offer our own bilateral NDA that makes sure that your idea is still protected between us and everything that you share is maintained with strict confidentiality. You can download our NDA here.

About Chop Dawg

How long has Chop Dawg been in business for?

We officially opened our “doors” back on August 1st, 2009. We’re currently in our thirteenth year of operations as a company!

How many team members does Chop Dawg have?

We currently have a talented team of over 50+ amazing, unique individuals who help us build incredible products for our partners, and help make us the best we can be. To learn a bit more about our team, and discover some of the key people who make us who we are, you can visit our Team Page.

Where is Chop Dawg’s team based?

As a company, we’re registered and headquartered in the state of Philadelphia.

We have always been a remote-first company, but we also believe in the power of flexibility when it comes to collaboration. Many of our team members work out of their homes, local coffee shops, and co-working spaces. Most are based in the US, but we also have offshore development resources available should you decide to utilize those resources for your project. We also provide the option to work with a solely US-based team.

Does Chop Dawg hire W2 employees or 1099 contractors?

Both! Our team is a wonderful mix of our own full-time team members and talented 1099 contractors who help us out from time-to-time when we require a special skill set for an individual client. All of our team members are based out of the United States or able to work in the US. We do not outsource our work overseas (unless you’ve chosen that development model with us), but several digital nomads do call the Chop Dawg Team home.

How many clients and projects has Chop Dawg worked with?

We have helped launch over 350+ companies and digital products to date.

What makes Chop Dawg different?

From the outset, we are doing something that many agencies do — build apps. You’ll find agencies that specialize in different technology stacks and verticals. We keep ourselves open because we can quickly expand our team to meet your needs. So, then, how do we differ?

It’s in our philosophy of why we work in the first place. Our purpose is to help non-technical visionaries get a chance to release something game-changing. We exist to give companies and organizations the opportunity to get ahead of the technological curve.

Most of all, we know all of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to building complicated apps. The core of our team has been around since the very beginning, so our smooth communication and process is something that you will notice quickly.

Everyone in our team is united by the principles of customer service. We’re here for you, and we’ll only work with you if we believe in your idea as much as you do. We’re in it with you, and you’ll always walk away from a meeting knowing that we have your back.

Why the name “Chop Dawg”?

Back in 2009, we couldn’t settle on the name Top Dawg or Chop Shop. We ended up compromising. The rest, as they say, was history!

What are the business hours and holidays recognized by Chop Dawg?

Although our team is located throughout the entire United States (and occasionally can be found traveling abroad), we operate our business on Eastern Standard Time (EST) hours between 9AM – 7PM, Monday through Friday  — the hours after 5PM to accommodate regularly scheduled meetings with entrepreneurs who might have a day job. 

Our company recognizes the following holidays and dates, and closes on: Memorial Day (05/30/2022), the Monday following Juneteenth (06/20/2022), the Friday before Independence Day until the following Wednesday  (07/01/2022 – 07/05/2022), Labor Day (09/05/2022), Thanksgiving Eve through Black Friday (11/23/2022 – 11/25/2022), and December 23rd until the first Monday of the following calendar year (12/23/2022 – 01/02/2023). If you are an active partner of ours, and have a weekly or bi-weekly meeting scheduled with us during one of these dates, we will reschedule with you accordingly with proper notice.

How can I get in touch with Chop Dawg?

You can email us at, tweet us at @Chop_Dawg, message us on Facebook, or fill out the contact form on our Contact Page.

Is Chop Dawg currently hiring new team members?

We’re always looking for new talent to join our family! You can follow us on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter to see new job postings as they’re shared live, or you can pass along your resume to us by emailing it to!

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