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Mason Carter wrote this article


One of the benefits of working for (and with) team Chop Dawg has always been that you can do so from wherever you want.

As a result, we’ve been able to bring on the best talent possible; without having to be limited by things like geographic borders and timezone differences.

And this extends to our clients, who, based from all over the globe, partner with us to ‘make it app’n.’

But a few years ago, we realized that we might actually be missing something.

It was great to have so many talented individuals from all over the United States on the team, and even more inspiring to hear about some of their adventures as full-time digital nomads, working and traveling at the same time.

Yet, even as our Slack-fueled team camaraderie grew, at times, it seemed there was a certain synergy missing.

A stronger connection to place was needed; a way to ground both our projects, local resources and our team members, all while keeping the ‘remote first’ mentality that makes Chop Dawg, well, us.

We wanted to become your remote and local team, all at the same time

We needed clients to know that they always had us in their corner if they needed it.

So, we came up with the idea of taking advantage of something we already had:

Clusters of team members already living in select cities across the U.S.


Why not provide them with dedicated office space to work out of together if they wanted to?


Why not take advantage of all the innate resources unique to each great city, while also offering the benefits of working with a remote team?

And that’s what we did.

Two years ago, we started expanding from our headquarters in Philadelphia, with additional locations in Boston, Atlanta, and Seattle.

For the past two years, we’ve been nurturing these team-based locations, working with more clients locally and increasing our team’s overall synergy.

Having just celebrated’s tenth anniversary, and with all of the growth we’ve had over the years, we want to follow this trajectory into 2020 with the announcement of two, brand new locations to serve our clients and team.

Our first new location is based in Los Angeles

LA is an exciting city for us because the talent and new ideas we can find there are the type you can’t find anywhere else in the world, all in one place.

One of the strengths of our team has always been its creative energy, and LA is a city where that creative energy is in almost endless supply.

The same goes for the clients we have been able to attract from this dazzling city.

Our second new location is in Washington, DC.

Having a location in the heart of the nation’s capital has been incredible for us so far. It’s been wonderful working with clients that we may not have found otherwise.

The mix of talent and culture in this city has been great for our growing team. DC is about so much more than just the politics!

We love the neighborhoods, the culture, the vibe, and amenities of both of these cities.

They’re places that our team and clients alike genuinely care about. It’s with great pride that the Chop Dawg team will start making some real investment in these cities, alongside our other locations in the days to come.

On reflection, it feels great to be fortunate enough to expand on our tenth birthday as a company

I joined Chop Dawg about mid-way through its ten-year journey.

And to see how much we’ve grown inside and out over those years is nothing short of remarkable, and I couldn’t be prouder of where we are today.

I can’t wait to be spending more time in both Los Angeles and Washington, DC, helping our team grow and prosper.



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