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Establishing A Brand Voice: The Magician Archetype

Design & Branding

Tammy Slaughter wrote this article


Powerful brands are actually individuals with their own unique personalities.

If they weren’t, no one would be able to tell them apart from a line of products and services offering the same thing. This goes further than just relatability, tapping into our collective subconscious by mirroring our shared human needs.

It helps us as business operators and marketers to create consumer connections that are practically instinctual.

In 1954, Carl Jung described this phenomenon as ‘archetypes.’ These can be observed repeating across cultures and generations over the decades, helping to shape our collective human experience. From historical figures, celebrities and some of your favorite movies in Hollywood — to all across the literary pages, archetypes can be seen in our most beloved (and bemoaned) personas.

Archetypes are essentially the heart of a brand in the eyes of the consumer, conveying meaning that makes customers relate to them as if they actually were alive in some way.

We explore the importance of archetypal brand marketing in-depth in another blog post in this series. There is a lot to cover here!

In this post, we’ll explore the Magician archetype and its different subarchetypes. If that concept is unfamiliar to you, head to the aforementioned blog post to brush up on the basics!

Magical, Mighty Brand Visionaries

Liberation, power, and mastery: what do these three ideals have in common? A lasting legacy.


Magicians want to make dreams come true, bringing the future into the present. With so much knowledge it is almost supernatural, magicians are transformative brands seeking to expand our collective consciousness.

An idea-driven powerhouse thriving on vision and intuition, they seem to make innovation and the brand itself a magical experience.

Examples of Magician Brands

– Disney

– Apple

– Tesla

– Many technology-driven brands.

Crafting A World of Dreams and Endless Possibility: The Magician Archetype Family

The Magician archetype can be viewed from a few different angles, depending on which specific attributes are at play.


Make magic happen. That’s the motto of the Magician. Charismatic, influential, and incredibly perceptive, the Magician turns dreams or ideas into reality for others. The Magician seems to rely on forces beyond the natural to get results, and must beware not to fall into manipulation or trickery in the process.

Real-World Example: Disney The Most Magical Place on Earth


With a combination of fact and intuition, these brands transmute one thing into something else entirely. The Alchemist values purity and perfection, wanting everything it touches to become pure gold. The scientific and the spiritual come together to give this subarketype a belief that there are no limits. Nothing is impossible!…which may lead to the Alchemist’s area of weakness, if not careful — a temptation to engage in fraud.

Real-World Example: MAC Cosmetics All ages. All races. All sexes.


The Scientist is passionate and curious, wanting to see what things are made of, and uses that knowledge to be a change agent in the world. One of the logical, left-brained subarketype in the Magician family, the Scientist has to “see it to believe it”. One thing it has to be careful of: missing the forest for the trees in its quest to dig deep into science and beyond.

Real-World Example: Genentech Everyday Epic


Using a structured approach to problem solving, the Engineer transforms creative energy into practical real-world applications. Left-brained, logical and curious, the Engineer is the one to turn to for solutions to everyday problems.

Real-World Example: Dyson The vacuum that doesn’t lose suction


With a limitless ability to dream, these brands are an idea machine. With high intellect and curiosity, the Innovator thrives on change and is not afraid of taking risks to get to a solution. Brands can be right or left brained depending on their industry. Even though the Innovator has willpower and will perform in-depth research, this subarketype may be challenged to stay focused on the task at hand.

Real-World Example: IBM THINK

Marketing for Magician Brands

Marketing draws on the human desire for achieving mastery through power, and making the world a better place — at its best, leaving consumers enchanted and inspired to do the same.

Brand Messaging

– Same emphasis on aesthetic and innovation as Creators

– Expansive, imaginative brand voice

– Imaginings of the future and other inspiring imagery

– Detailed diagrams and symbols used in marketing assets

– Focuses dialogue towards individuals, not the group

Common Brand Colors

– Red: Love, Power, Excitement, Boldness, Youthful, Passion, Energy, Heat, Strength, Desire, Sensuality, Intensity, Speed


– Black/ Dark Gray: Class, Elegance, Formal, Protection, Security, Intelligence, Solid, Power, Mystery, Dominance, Authority, Sophisticated


– White: Goodness, Sincerity, Purity, Balance, Calm, Fresh, Cleanliness, Easy, Innocence, Light

From color palettes to typography and imagery, honing in on your brand’s ‘voice’ will both accent and inform all of your decisions when it comes to messaging and presentation.

Evolution of Magician Brands

There are different levels to be achieved in a given archetype, depending on the strength of the displayed persona, and the brand’s evolution.

The general rule of thumb being, the higher level attained, the more success and wider net that can be cast to attract consumers.

Level 1 involves experiencing “magical moments” that leave one feeling mesmerized, or transformed in some way, though generally short-term or superficial.


Level 2 brings the experience of “flow” – a state of being in which you are fully immersed and “at one” with what you are doing. The mental, physical, and spiritual are all in sync working in perfect accord toward reaching the vision.


Level 3 can bring miracle discoveries or the complete manifestation of an incredible vision.

Is Your Brand A Magician?

If this post resonates with you and your company’s mission and values, it’s entirely possible!

Many brands possess archetypal qualities within their messaging that they’re often entirely unaware of.

This is because brand storytelling is far from a new art form, but it is more and more essential to achieve success in a highly competitive marketplace.

So, learn it. Know where your brand falls in this spectrum. And use it to establish marketing guidelines and company operations at a cultural level.

To start, ask yourself these questions:

– Which archetype do your competitors most resemble?

– Which archetypes do your customers resemble?

– What drives them (customers and competitors)?

– How can your brand do things differently amongst your competitors?

– What role does your brand play in customers’ lives?

Then, look within.

– What is your team culture like? (their personalities, interests, etc.)

– What motivates team members to come in for work?

– What are your company values?

Know any Magician brands?

Let us know in the comments, and keep reading our ‘Branding’ series if you don’t see your brand represented here!

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