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Entrepreneurship is a Lifestyle

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Joshua Davidson wrote this article


Oftentimes, I hear people explain to me how lucky I am that I don’t work in a corporate setting and have a daily 9-to-5 grind. I often stare at them dumbfounded. I don’t work 9-to-5; I work from the time I open my eyes until the time I close my eyes (and even then, I am often dreaming about the work I still need to complete and the opportunities on the table for me to still take advantage of).

Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, not just a way to describe someone who started their own business. I’m always on the clock; that is by design. I am always looking to find the next way to grow Chop Dawg, to find someone new to work with, and an opportunity to help another startup, mobile app, or web app become a reality. This is my DNA, and the same characteristics can be found in those who are the best at what they do. Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Elon Musk, Gary Vaynerchuk, the top craftsman, engineers, chiefs, artists, we all share these same characteristics. We’re always on our A-Game, looking to exploit new opportunities that others wouldn’t even identify, trying to perfect our craft. We’re hungry, always hungry.

If you’re someone who claims to be an entrepreneur or wants to be one, program yourself to truly be one. Recently, I was at the gym working out, as one would typically do at the gym. I was asked by an individual, who I never met (nor seen before prior), to help spot them (meaning to help protect them in case the weights become too much). One thing led to another, and I set up a time the next day to grab lunch with the guy, turning it into a new six month contract with us, at Chop Dawg, to make his iPhone application become a reality. This wasn’t luck. This wasn’t timing. This wasn’t planned. This was because I was ready to go. This individual brought up the things with which I identified immediately with, and I had a solution to his problem, in this case, trying to find a team to help make his idea become a reality.

I’m lucky, because I truly love what I do. This passion helps fuel me, makes me so enthusiastic, pushes me to be better at what I do, but most importantly, allows me to always be on top of my game to pounce on opportunities such as this. Program yourself to be the same. It doesn’t matter what your business venture. It does not matter if you are not an entrepreneur, but doing something you care about. Do not let opportunities pass you by. Be the best version of you. Do not settle. Always be attacking every opportunity that you see and let the passion keep you moving.

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  • Agree, Joshua. People who want to be entrepreneurs merely because they don’t want to have a boss eventually go back to the corporate because they cannot fulfill the demands of an entrepreneurial lifestyle. It takes a different mindset to make this a way of life.

    • Joshua Davidson said:

      That’s exactly it. It’s the idea that the grass is always greener on the other side. This isn’t the case. The real entrepreneurs, the ones that make it, do this become we love it, because we are programmed this way, because we believe we can solve problems that others cannot.

      Thanks for reading this Vishal too 🙂

  • Mayur said:

    Very nice article. Its offcourse very hard to be in a particular character.

  • bp.walker said:

    Love the message!!!

  • Howard Owens said:

    When I’m at the gym, I’m working.

    I’m working on my body because that will give me more energy, a stronger mind, a more fit appearance (impressions are important in business) and more confidence and greater self discipline.

    I’m also getting smarter as I listen to audiobooks or podcasts. I learn things that lead to better insights and new ideas.

    I’m also recharging as I take my mind off daily stresses.

    Being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle.

  • Hemanth said:

    According to my experience, Organizing our own team seems like discussing with our family members. Responsibility,Analyzing,Debating,Believing and finally find the solution and let’s get back to the work. Lovable Team who always believes The Entrepreneur Ideas.

    Entrepreneurship is always a Responsibility towards work and Team.

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