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Entrepreneurs Need These 7 Helpers

Operations & Management

Joshua Davidson wrote this article


It’s a catch-22: Entrepreneurs have to wear multiple hats, yet recent research shows only a tiny part of the population can actually multi-task. The rest of us are toggling back and forth between various tasks and thoughts at varying speeds. Just like genuine multi-taskers, successful entrepreneurs are a rare breed. The Great Recession might have ushered in a lot of so-called wantrepreneurs, but that doesn’t mean they found success.

Still, not all entrepreneurs are real multi-taskers, and they could all use a little help. Entrepreneurs need to maximize their time and talents, which is no easy task. If you’re on the entrepreneurial path, here are a few helpers you won’t believe you haven’t had sooner:

1. A great sleep tracker.
In some cultures, and unfortunately increasingly in the US, a lack of sleep is revered. Candidates for presidency in South Korea often tout their lack of need for sleep. While it’s true that everyone has different sleep needs (and eight hours is just an average), most people need a generous amount. Use a sleep tracker to gauge your needed sleep, and practice good sleep hygiene.

2. Amazon Echo or Google Home.
These two personal assistants have become a staple in many homes and offices. Use them as an alarm or timer, to check traffic for your commute, add items to your shopping list, set reminders, and listen to your favorite podcast. Each are constantly getting updates, and you can sync them to your other devices with ease.

3. Automation software.
From marketing automation to customer relationship management automation, automating your tasks will give you much more time. When you automate task, you basically outsource them to a computer who’s a lot better and faster at administrative tasks than you. Give them the job of crunching numbers, keeping data updated and archived, scheduling emails, and a plethora of other mundane tasks that are important (just not necessarily for you to handle manually).

4. AngelList.
If you’re looking for investors, and the idea of an angel investor is on your bucket list, you need to be proactively seeking them out. There are many platforms to connect entrepreneurs to potential investors, but AngelList is by far the most popular. You can make connections, showcase your profile, and start networking instantly.

5. WordPress and Wix.
Creating stunning, professional-grade websites that you can manage as you wish has never been easier with these two platforms. Entrepreneurs often have a number of projects going on at any given time, and each of them are going to need a web presence. Shockingly, the vast majority of small businesses in the US don’t have a website at all—but with search engine optimization (SEO) evolving, if you’re not online you may as well not exist.

6. Elance.
Freelancers are often the backbone of startups, and entrepreneurs depend on them heavily. At the same time, you might be looking for some avenues to whip up a little extra side hustle cash yourself. There are many platforms for freelancers, and this is one of the most highly used. You can also check out SearchTempest, which gathers data in real-time from all Craigslist sites, if you’re looking for a freelancer or a gigs.

7. Freshbooks.
It’s one of the easiest ways to send and receive money, and if you link it to your PayPal the fee is just fifty cents per transaction. Best practices in invoicing are also featured on this site, so you can increase your odds of getting payments on time.

Entrepreneurs often have a tendency to try and “go it alone,” but that’s not the wisest strategy. Use these tools to up your game and ease a little of the stress on this competitive road.

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