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Dear Entrepreneurs: If You Believe You Can Do It, That Is Because You Can

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Joshua Davidson wrote this article


When it comes to reaching your full potential as a company, entrepreneur, career, whatever it might be; there is only one attribute that all successful individuals share.

It is the ability to know, deep down, that they are always going to accomplish that feat.

That your ambition would not let you down.

That you knew with every ounce of your soul, you were destined to surpass greatness.

That you will not only reach your potential but surpass it.

This might sound crazy, hey, perhaps it is.

However, with every incredible entrepreneur who I’ve met over my career, all of them shared that one instinct.

They knew from their days grinding it out with little money, no customers, nothing worthwhile, that they would make it.

There was never a doubt in them.

The reason I write this is that for many of the individuals we speak to at Chop Dawg, that is the opposite of what you hear.

Instead, I hear this.


The reason for the doubt? They’re not sold on themselves.

Worse, they’re not sold on their game-changing idea.

Tony Robbins, in an interview with Frank Kern and John Reese years ago, explains why. He paints out four boxes, two on top, two on the bottom, all aligned perfectly.

In the top left box, he writes potential.

In the next box to the right, he writes actions.

To the box on the bottom right, he writes results.

Last but not least, on the bottom left-hand box, he writes belief.

Notice a theme?

He breaks down the exact scenario.

Based upon your envisioned potential, you will commit to it via your action. The more potential you believe that you have, the bigger of a step you will, therefore, want to take.

Based upon the bigger action you take, the larger results you will see.

The greater the results, the more it reinforced your fundamental beliefs in your potential.

He also paints it the opposite way.

If you have doubt in your potential or believe it is lower than what it is, you’ll take less action, if any action at all. Therefore, you will see fewer results, if any results. Based upon that, it reinforces your belief that you won’t amount to much, and therefore, rinse and repeat.

Again, see the theme here? The trend?

For the countless individuals that I have met over the years who have accomplished the most incredible success, doesn’t matter if it is entrepreneurship, athletics, art, or anything in-between, it came down to their potential. How much deep down they believed in themselves and knew they were destined for success.

If you know, deep in your gut, you will accomplish your goals, always, you will dream big right?

That’s the point.

I believe as an entrepreneur, as a business owner, or an executive, it is one step further.

You need to not only firmly believe in your capabilities and potential, but the mission of what you’re doing.

The reason I am so driven about Chop Dawg over the last nine plus years I’ve been running it is because I believe in it.

I believe we are offering a solution to companies and startups around the world.

We are giving our clients the capabilities to compete with the very best when it comes to technology such as mobile and the web, at not only a fraction of the cost but with the same skillset as the Fortune 500s.

I believe for big business; we can mitigate their risk, and give them the same upside in a significant way that has never existed before in the market.

I believe that with our business model, we can (and we have) saved our clients millions of dollars while earning them millions of dollars.

I believe that our industry will only continue to expand, continue to be in demand, and continue to be a solution for thousands of countless startups, enterprises, and non-profits that need a technology partner but can’t afford to do so in-house (or can use as outsourcing to supplement in-house for even quicker, better results).

I also believe deep down, I can and will impact countless individuals and help them on their journey through the world of business.

It is why I write so many of these blog posts. It is why I push my team to be better. It is why I run Chop Dawg full time. It is why I do videos. It is why I run a podcast and co-host a nationally syndicated radio show. It is why I wrote a book. It is why I wrote posts on leading publications. It is why I professionally speak. It is why I consult. It is why I give out advice for free, as often as I can, as much as I can.

I know I am destined for success, that what I am building is destined for success, and most importantly, what we are all doing will impact the lives of countless others for the better.

I don’t doubt my soul.

That is the same trait the most successful of the successful have.

It what I encourage you all to do.

Find out what not only makes you tick but what you know you will crush. What is the thing that you know you can turn into a success?

You won’t be surprised at the results.

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