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Customer service trumps everything else in business

Customer Service & Sales

Joshua Davidson wrote this article


If we could only teach one thing to all of our readers here on the Chop Dawg blog, arguably, it would be this one thing: care so much about your customers that your customer service trumps everything else in your business.

Now, I am sure I ruffled a few feathers there with that statement.

I mean after-all, who are we to say the product, the service, the marketing, the branding, the team isn’t as important as your customer service?

They’re critical and if they are failing, your business will surely fail too.

However, they can be firing on all cylinders and you can still fail, because your customer service is deplorable.

Let’s talk about why customer service is so important.

Customer service isn’t just someone calling up to ask you a question about your business.

Oh, no. Not at all.

Customer service is how quickly you respond back to a new lead at your company.

Customer service is how detailed your responses are, tackling the pain-points your customer may be facing.

Customer service is going above and beyond, checking-in with a potential customer months down to the road, just to make sure they are okay.

Customer service is most important of all, how much you just care about your customers, your fans and those who could potentially need your help.

You see, the companies that care less, they show.

We don’t need to name anybody on this blog, but surely you can think of a dozen or so companies with terrible customer support, long hold times, frustrating experiences, and worse, you can just tell, they do not care about you.

You’re just a number to them.

You’re just an extra few dollars in their bottom line.

In contrast, you can also name those few companies that you know truly give a crap about you.

Truly care about you, care about your business, and much more importantly of all, you just know, care about your well-being.

Be the latter, especially if you’re a startup with minimal resources. You do not need to invest money into being the best customer service company on the planet.

Only your time and your company culture.

For example, we respond to every single potential customer that reaches out to us at Chop Dawg, even if we know from the get-go they won’t be the ideal fit for us.


Because we created this company to help others, and just because someone is not a perfect fit for us to help them directly, doesn’t mean we cannot help them indirectly.

We’ll point them in the right directions.

Perhaps they need to raise money. We can show them blog posts we have written on the subject matter or introduce them to brand new websites to learn more.

Perhaps they have a low enough budget we can’t take them on, but, they surely can work with one of our friends. We can make introductions. We can still point them in the right direction.

This is so huge.

A lot of our clients didn’t just reach out to us and start working with us.

They reached out months, if not years earlier, the timing wasn’t right, but because of the fact we still cared, took the time to understand their problems and help them, they remembered. When the timing was right, they didn’t even bother reaching out to any other companies.

No, they already knew we were the ones they wanted to hire.

You see, when you care, you establish an immediate bond with anyone that reaches out.

That bond is trust.

When you establish trust, all of the sudden, you’re truly making a difference.

You no longer need to sell yourself.

You no longer need to try to impress.

No, you just need to be authentic, continue to focus on your customer, and understand their needs.

Under promise and always over deliver is the most common phrase you hear in the business world today.

It has an underlining message, though, which is to always care and by caring, go above and beyond.

People will always appreciate that, and always understand how far that can go when it comes to a business and the value of a lifetime customer.

Customer service triumphs everything else. Great customer service makes the rest of your company great too. When you care so much, you care that much more about the products you’re building, the services you’re providing and the brand you put out there. You raise your A-Game the same way an A+ team member can raise other team members.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an established company, an early startup or an inspiring entrepreneur, invest early and invest often in customer service. You will always see the dividends out of it in the long-run, but not only for you, but for your customers too.

Don’t lose focus on the right priorities. Don’t lose focus on the reason why your company exists. Your customers.

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