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Creating New Content For Your Brand Is Easier Than You Think

Advertising & Marketing

Joshua Davidson wrote this article


Just a couple of weeks ago, I sat down with my client, one-on-one, who asked me candidly, “How do we come up with the content that we do here at Chop Dawg?

I explained to him, our method isn’t hard, and in fact, easily replicable for anyone on this planet.

All his company needed to do is document.

Document everything.

Every time their customers asked them a question, about themselves or their industry, there is a new piece of content ready to be made.

Every time they overcame a challenge as a company internally, document it. Their customers and prospects would love to hear more about what goes on behind-the-scenes and the lessons learned from it.

Every time they had an incredible story with one of their customers, document that. Share with their customers and potential customers, what happened, the lessons learned and the result out of it.

Content is all around you, and it doesn’t need to be difficult to find.

So how should you document?

For starters, I use the traditional method, called a notebook.

I’ll write down whenever I am having a great customer call with a client or potential client, and realize they have asked about something I haven’t talked about openly before.

I’ll also write down when we overcome an issue internally that can be applied to countless other companies who follow us.

I’ll also discuss when we do something new, and why we are doing it, such as when we hired our Chief of Staff or our latest hire, our new Marketing Director. After all, the companies and startups that follow us will also like to hear our reasonings to why, so they can perhaps, adapt this into their businesses too (or some of these strategies at the very least).

The most important thing though to understand about great content is that it must reflect and impact your audience.

Your potential customers.

Your existing customers.

Your industry.

We don’t write about sports predictions on this blog because well, that isn’t what Chop Dawg is. Makes sense, right?

Content should have a practical, impactful purpose.

You also need to understand the narratives that natively fit the medium where you share content.

Blog posts are different than videos.

Videos are different than photographs.

Pictures are different than tweets.

Understand that content needs to be distributed, edited, modified, and fit to the medium you are using. You can use the same content, but the way you share it must cater to how that platform is built.

Great content is not hard to determine, and when done persistently, consistently, and at a high quality, pays dividends.

Without content, we would not have the company we have today. It’s grown us as a thought-leader in our space. It’s built our following. It’s brought us hundreds of thousand of dollars in revenue, and it continues to pay us compound interest.

It’s a slow build, but a build that grows when you put the time and effort into it.

Start creating content now. It doesn’t matter if you’re an established company, a new startup, or a personal brand. Building a following, establishing trust, becoming a leader, will only let you maneuver and explore more opportunities down the road; opportunities you may have never considered or even be thinking about now.

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