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How to continually reuse and leverage content

Advertising & Marketing

Joshua Davidson wrote this article


We’ve been putting out quite a bit of content recently on Chop Dawg.

Our podcast (#thePawdcast) has had nearly an episode a week since the start of 2016. Our blog is seeing about 2-4 articles posted on it weekly. We’re now even sharing content on partnered websites such as Startup Grind. You could say that we have been busy.

Here is the crazy thing.

We’re not pouring in much more effort than what we did before back when we were just getting into the content game.

We’re just slightly faster and more efficient.

You can be too.

It comes down to one thing and one thing only, recycling content.

What does this mean? Does it mean to reshare the same blog post or podcast episode on multiple websites? Hell no. Do not do this.

It does mean though you can take something discussed on a podcast, and expand upon that subject on a blog post. It does mean you can take a highly visited blog post, and add that into a new podcast episode. It does mean you can take a great quote from a blog post, and share the quote on its own image on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. It does mean you can take a great conversation with a customer or employee, and turn that into content for your website.

Getting the idea?

One piece of content can easily translate to almost any platform. All that you need to do is understand the market of each platform and how they will best digest that content.

Blogs such as this will be more quick-read, I want value type of format.

The podcast is more of a conversation piece, longer format.

Twitter or Instagram will be a quick quote, to the point.

Medium will be long form, breaking down specific case studies and user examples.

You might be getting the idea now!

Need one more example? Let’s hit it.

This particular piece of content will be shared on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook once it is released. It will be then, brought up in a conversation on a future episode of #thePawdcast in the coming weeks. Lastly, you know that our customers and potential clients will ask us how we handle our content and content creation, which this article will be given to them (meta, I know). Content can be used, reused, pivoted, pointed, shaped and everything in-between.

You need to realize the long lifecycle of how content can play on the modern web.

If you’re not already into content marketing with your company or startup, get on it. The perks are endless.

It helps build your search engine results. It helps build your brand equity. Helps your customers grow. Helps your team stay unified. The list goes on and on.

Above-all, once you do the hard part once which is determining what is quality content, it becomes incredibly easy to share. Figure out those mediums, how to repurpose content over and over and begin putting out new content over and over. See the results, the success and the growth of it.

It is that simple.

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