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Coming Up With Content for the Blog

Advertising & Marketing

Joshua Davidson wrote this article

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Recently, one of the questions that I have been asked most frequently is in regards to how we come up with the content we use on our blog.

It’s a valid question, and one that only in the past few months, we have truly begun to master. The dividends of better content on our blog have clearly paid off. Our search engine results are through the roof, we are seeing an incredible increase in social media followers, an increase in lead generation at Chop Dawg, and overall more visibility through both the internet and word-of-mouth. I’ve gone from a content marketing skeptic to a fully- on-board, content marketing enthusiast.

So how does content, such as this very blog post happen? I don’t sit around thinking about articles to write all day. In fact, I only write new blog posts about 2-3 hours per month. On top of that, I typically write the majority of my blog posts for a few weeks in one night while I have a Philadelphia 76ers game going on in the background. However, I am always discussing the content and planning what to write about.

Content comes naturally through the conversations that I have with our clients here at Chop Dawg. To be frank, when I notice a client asks us about a certain topic that I feel we are knowledgeable on, one that engages our client, and that I clearly see enthusiasm either from the client directly, our team, or myself, I automatically identify that this is content that should be written about for a blog to share with others, to be elaborated on, to give value to others about the same topic. That’s it. That is the secret formula.

I’ve already programmed myself to take notes during a meeting and store them in Evernote. Now the only difference is that I also have the to-do list app Clear open on my desktop at all-times (and it is also installed on my phone for in-person meetings). Whenever such a conversation referenced above strikes, I write that down onto my Clear app to write about. This is a very good example, and why this is such a meta blog post, is because this very topic came up in the meeting which you see as the main picture for this article. It has come full circle.

As we move into next year, I’ve personally looked to exploit this content discovery method further. We’re planning to introduce a podcast at Chop Dawg, during which such topics will be used to help leverage more content through the blog. On social media, I’ve been following the type of topics that most people engage with more closely too. I’ve been asking my clients the type of content that they would like to hear more of and lastly, using my own personal inner-circle of entrepreneurs and thought-leaders that I personally look up to, to see the topics and discussions that they are engaging with.

Great content is hard. Figuring out a “life hack” such as this, is eye opening. Valuable content is all around us. Everyone is enthusiastic, a leader in something. Use this new knowledge, this new skill set to your advantage. Push out great content. Help as many people as possible. Provide value. It’s a great recipe for success.

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