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Why College Is a Great Time to Launch a Business

Leadership & Inspiration

Joshua Davidson wrote this article


You are reading a guest blog post by Gilius Blinstrubas. 

I am currently a senior in college and am in the process of building my second business. Here are my five reasons why college is a great time to start a business.

1) Resources
Campuses are full of resources. From the free paper to technology centers and free art supplies at your disposal allows you to cut your operating costs. For example, in my first business, I was constantly printing out flyers and other marketing materials that required many reams of paper and a whole lot of expensive ink. This most likely would have cost me a few hundred dollars, but I did not have to pay for this cost because I was a student on campus. The majority of my materials and technology costs for my business were free to me. Not only did I have access to a plethora of free materials, but there were plenty of classrooms and conference rooms that were available for me to hold and run team meetings. I did not have to worry about renting out office space or paying for a co-working area. I was paying for these resources through tuition, so I took the full advantage of utilizing them.

2) Customer Base
Your college campus is a great place to reach and market to potential customers. My first company that I started was a sticker based company. College kids love stickers and I sold plenty of them around campus. I already had a market to sell to. During my homecoming weekend, I walked around tailgate parties and sold my product to people. Campuses are also a great place to conduct surveys and administer focus groups about your product. There surprisingly are a large number of people that are interested in participating in your focus group or surveys to help you and your company out.

3) Mentoring/Guidance
Being a college student and launching a business during you college years gives you the advantage of reaching out to people and receive advice. I have reached out to CEOs and founders of companies and received advice and guidance from them for my company. People love helping out college-aged entrepreneurs because a majority of them were once in the same position you are today.

4) Co-Founders
College is a good time to team up with your fellow friends to build a business. This is where I found my talented and hardworking cofounders. It is a great time to find the best individuals to help you build the right team so you are able to build your company to success. Want proof that finding cofounders in college works? Look at Facebook.

5) Failing is Okay
College is the time to learn and try new things. If you fail it is ok. College allows you to have many do-over periods. Making mistakes and failing shows that you are trying. I want to grow as a person and entrepreneur, so I am constantly trying new things in a safe environment. I learned from each of my failures and gained valuable experience. I will bring the experiences and lessons learned from my previous venture to the next.

Whether your idea is small or grand, your college campus is a wonderful place to start and explore your entrepreneurial experience. Building a business during college and using the resources available allows you to build a great base for your business venture so you are able to succeed. Most importantly, just go out there and give it a try because even if your new venture fails you will learn a lot about yourself and what you can handle.

About the writer of this guest blog post: Gilius Blinstrubas is currently a college student, entrepreneur building his mobile app startup.

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