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Anna Stark wrote this article


Providing digital solutions to startups, Fortune 500 companies, growing businesses, and non-profits from around the globe places Chop Dawg squarely amongst the best mobile app service providers at GoodFirms.

Head over to Chop Dawg’s GoodFirms’ profile to learn more about their goal and vision, and the tech they’ve created using their unique app development process. At A Glance

Top Web Developer in Seattle by GoodFirms

Founded in 2009 and based in Philadelphia, Chop Dawg has over ten years of experience crafting feature-rich mobile apps for clients across a wide array of industries.

Since its inception, the company has built more than 300+ digital products, from mobile and web apps, to artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. The team works hards to intimately understand the idea and vision of each client, and as they say, ‘Make It App’n‘ for them.

At Chop Dawg, a dedicated team of US-based app developers produces next-generation apps using the latest technologies and indexing-compliant standards for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Hear What Jason Burgess, Founder of Steps Insitu Had to Say About Partnering With Chop Dawg

The team strives to keep its expertise a few steps ahead of the curve, yet remain accessible to non-technical entrepreneurs and small businesses by also building minimum viable products for mobile and web apps.

This allows clients to earn ROI easily and quickly, with the ability to add more features in later app updates down the road.

GoodFirms Research Process

GoodFirms is a renowned research and reviews online portal that evaluates the complete performance of several B2B businesses based on three criteria – Quality, Reliability, and Ability. Therefore, the GoodFirms research unit also judged Chop Dawg and asserted it as one of the top mobile app service providers in Washington. It also concluded that it would soon lead amongst the top global web developers.

GoodFirms Report on’s Services

At Chop Dawg, the team of app developers and project managers will work closely with clients to identify their needs and unique project scope. In order to offer the best solutions to each clients, Chop Dawg will also outline a roadmap to success with a detailed, fully customized proposal.

Furthermore, the team will also give regular updates by scheduling a weekly or bi-weekly meeting with the clients. For rendering the best possible app solutions, the team follows a standardized process that is divided into 5 phases – wireframing, high fidelities, product flows, programming, and quality assurance.

Thus, a well-versed team of app developers, a perfect structure, and a systematic work approach facilitates Chop Dawg to accelerate amongst the top app developers in Washington at GoodFirms.

Check out the below review obtained by GoodFirms — just evidence of the quality apps developed by the team over at Chop Dawg:

The ScoreCard

Thriving web applications demand a frontend that attracts users and functions accurately on all devices, with a reliable backend that is easy-to-use and manage. The goal at Chop Dawg is to create web applications that are agile, scalable and user-friendly.

Furthermore, the professional team of developers is catering to clients with web services like CRM’s, blockchain technologies, crypto currency, AI and Chat bots, booking, production information management, and many others. The developers also hold the expertise of crafting simple yet effective one-pager splash sites to promote their apps.

The below review confirms the quality service-offerings provided to clients of Chop Dawg:

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About GoodFirms

Washington, D.C. based GoodFirms is a maverick B2B research and reviews firm that aligns its efforts in finding the top mobile app development, web development, and digital marketing companies delivering unparalleled services to its clients. GoodFirms’ extensive research process ranks the companies, boosts their online reputation and helps service seekers pick the right technology partner that meets their business needs.


About the Author

Anna Stark is presently working as a Content Writer with GoodFirms – Washington D.C. based B2B Research Company, which bridges the gap between service seekers and service providers. Anna’s current role lingers her to shape every company’s performance and key attributes into words. She firmly believes in the magic of words and equips new strategies that work, always in with ideas, something new to carve, and something original to decorate the firm’s identity.


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