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Before You Choose An App Development Agency, Be Able To Answer These Questions

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Isadora Teich wrote this article


Have you ever had this experience with an app development agency or other business before?

A project that you started off with a ton of enthusiasm suddenly seems to be going nowhere fast. You keep trying to explain what you need or want to do, but it seems like your collaborators just don’t get it.

Maybe even when they try to communicate with you it feels like you speak different languages and you can’t figure out what got lost in translation.

Of course, sometimes things happen, but you can mitigate a lot of this stress by building a strong foundation with solid and clear information from the start.

Before you reach out to an app development agency, make sure that you can answer these questions!

What Is Your Budget?

This one seems simple, but, especially if you are new to the world of apps, it can be confusing. After all, if you don’t know the first thing about building an app, how could you know how much it costs?

Depending on the complexity of your app, costs can vary. Also, different agencies have different prices. This will depend on things like their experience, expertise, and location.

While you can find app development cost calculators online, it is important to remember that these will just be general estimates. Do not come to one company after using another company’s calculator, and expect that exact price.

While there is a lot of vagueness here, what is not vague is your actual budget. You should know exactly how much money you have to allocate to projects. In this case, app development is no different.

What Type Of Application Do You Want The App Development Agency To Create?

This may make non-technical entrepreneurs feel some panic, but it is not as intense as it sounds. If you have some tech know-how and can explain your app using industry terminology down to the littlest detail, great! However, that is not necessary.

It is not important that you have expert knowledge of industry jargon. What is important is that you have expert knowledge of your vision, and can communicate it clearly.

What does your app do? How do you want it to look? Who is it for? What problem or need does it respond to?

Let’s break it down with a quick super common example: Uber.

The Uber Example

What does the app do?

It provides rides and ridesharing by connecting drivers and passengers.

How does it look?

As it is a utility-first app, it uses minimal design. Its branding colors are mostly black and white. Design is all about ease of use.

Who is it for?

Drivers who want to make money and people who need transportation.

What problems or needs does it respond to?

Many cities globally lack safe, reliable, or any public transportation. This means that cities are not accessible to a lot of their population.

Also, globally, many people are struggling to make ends meet and are looking for new ways to make money.

That is a pretty solid explanation of what Uber does, why, how, and for who. It does not use a single super technical term. Have something like this ready to show any app agency you want to work with.

What Is Your Timeframe?

Again, this is something that you will have to work with a team on. Different kinds of apps require different amounts of time. On top of this, every app development agency may have a slightly different timeline.

One thing that is key, is to remember that you cannot rush the app development process. Creating a solid app takes time, and failing to do all of the necessary work to create, test, and edit it can have dire consequences.

Remember when the failed Ioawa Caucus app nearly sabotaged state elections because it was rushed?

In fact, to this day, healthcare apps are still having a wide range of issues. This is partly because of the mad rush to get them out.

The Benefits Of Taking The Time

Creating a good app is expensive and takes time. Having issues with users, branding, and maybe even the internal workings of your company itself because you cut corners is even more costly.

Remember, it is more cost-effective to pay a trusted app agency to do it right, than it is to pay teams of people to keep fixing mistakes again and again.

If you already have a launch date in mind, start reaching out to companies as far in advance as you can and make sure they know about it.

What Do You Know About The App Development Agency?

In any industry, there are plenty of hardworking and dedicated people that want to do their best by their clients and do good work. One thing that makes app development one of the most exciting industries in the world is all of the incredible talent and visionary minds that it attracts.

However, unfortunately, that is not the case across the board. When it comes to the digital world of business especially, it is a new space with a lot of unknowns. This makes it easy for people posing as experts to try and take advantage of the less tech savvy.

At the same time, just because an app development agency is totally reputable doesn’t mean they are a perfect fit for YOUR project.

The Big Questions

This is why it’s so important to know exactly who you are working with. We have a post on some of the big questions you should be prepared to ask app agencies before you get started.

Take a look at it here if you want more specific details.

However, here is a brief summary of important points to hit when getting to know an app development agency:

-How many years have they been around?
-What kinds of apps do they specialize in?
-Who have they worked with in the past?
-Can you see examples of their work or talk with past clients?
-Does their work match the quality and types of apps relevant to your project?
-What are their requirements for clients?
-What is their price and how do they structure payment?
-What kind of timeline do they offer?

Do your due diligence. Look at their website, client list, and social media presence. Have some idea of who they are before you even meet.

Final Thoughts On Working With An App Development Agency

Choosing an app development company to work with is no easy task! After all, you may have spent years dreaming of your app or getting funding together before taking the plunge.

That’s why you want to do your research and make the best decision possible!

If you are looking to build the app of your dreams, reach out to Chop Dawg for a free consultation today!

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