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Improving App Visibility Online and in App Marketplaces

Advertising & Marketing

Josue Castillo wrote this article


The number one goal for entrepreneurs with applications (or on the fence of making one) is gaining profit from their application. The best way to gain profit from an application is to have many users interested in the product or service.

Here, quantity is important. It’s simple math; the more users, the higher your app’s chances of being profitable.

This is where app SEO (or as it’s more specifically known as, ASO) comes in!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. ASO stands for App Store Optimization. App SEO in layman’s term is the process of improving the traffic of users to your app. ASO in layman’s term is how well your app ranks in the app stores.

Just as your app needs to show on a quick Google search when a relevant query is input (the SEO side), your app also needs to show in the app stores (or, have strong ASO).

Why You Should Care

Marketing your app after it is developed is one of the most important aspects of launching a digital product; besides of course, developing the app itself.

You can build the most incredible app the world has ever seen, but it doesn’t do anyone any good if there’s no easy way to find out about it.

Just because your product suddenly exists does not mean users will flock to it.

But through iterative marketing efforts and by building a brand message, your app can get the exposure it needs to reach its intended target user market.

Publishing Your App to Google Play and App Store

Both app stores have a console for developers to upload apps to both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

This process is the same as a stock clerk restocking the shelves with products that are going to be sold.

As long as you have a Google Play Store account, in good standing of course, you are able to publish to the Google Play Store.

You publish by using the Google Play Store console to upload and prepare your app.

The process is fairly straightforward. You simply enter required information about the app such as the name, provide contact information, and then you just simply go through tasks.

Once you have completed filling in the required information in the Google Play Store console, you will be able to release your app and get it ready to be reviewed.

The process for the Apple App Store is fairly similar.

You have an Apple App Store console, and you select what platform you want to release your app for such as: IOS iPadOS, watchOS, etc..

For both stores, you will create product pages that appear in the respective stores as well as manage other portions of your app.

Through both of these consoles are where you will optimize your apps ASO.

SEO Sets the Online Foundation For Your App

Before you begin marketing your app, you should always set the foundation.

A foundation, you might be asking? By foundation, we mean an online presence for your app other than being available through the app stores. A simple landing page or blog can do wonders for your app’s overall visibility.

A ‘coming soon’ landing page can also help build interest in your mobile app while it is being developed.

Doing this will help build hype and sell your users on why they need your product/service, so that when it is available you have already users that are interested in it.

During this process, you should also create your social media to help market your app.

The process of SEO includes ranking in search engines when using keywords that you want to your website to appear when a user searches that specific keyword.

A great way to engage with your users during this process is to have a newsletter, a contact form, or section in your website that can lead to your social media where you can interact with your users

Another great way to engage with users is to post updates on your website, so that users can get updates and be in the loop.

Lastly, you can have a blog posts section where you can educate your users and in turn keep them engaged.

Finalizing Your Efforts With ASO

SEO marketing is not enough, after SEO marketing comes ASO marketing in order to maximize your apps possibility of gaining the exposure it needs to be successful.

The first step for ASO marketing is filling in basic information, categorizing your app in the app store, and, finally, writing a description of your app describing what it is and what it does.

Apple and Google use ranking metrics to determine where your app should rank when searching certain keywords.

Your app name is crucial for when users search in the app store. You want this to be unique and memorable, and it should be close to what best describes your product/service.

ASO keywords work differently for each App Store.

For Apple, you have a fillable keyword field where you can input keywords that are important. These usually capture the main functionality of the app.

For Google, you do not specifically input keywords in a keyword field. Instead the Google Play Store search is populated based on your product description.

You should remember that for both App Stores you should use keywords that your user is likely to search up.

Your applications popularity plays a huge role when ranking in both App Stores. The more downloads your app gets the more likely it is to rank higher when searching similar keywords.

This is why it is so important to start marketing your app through a landing page, social media, and SEO marketing before finalizing your app.

Furthermore, doing all these things will put your app in a position for success once it launches.

There will already be interested users willing to download the app, and in turn your app’s ASO should benefit from the strong foundation already laid.

Wrapping It All Up

Next, you want to connect useful APIs to your app such as Google Analytics, to help monitor your apps statistics, And Crashlytics to further monitor why your app is crashing or causing errors,

Once your application is done being programmed you want to connect your website with your application, so that users can click on a link and be directed to you app.

After setting everything up the last step is to spread the word about your app being live.

Before launching your app we help you through the whole way so that you have the most impactful website and app so that you will be successful on launch day.

Final Thoughts

Without SEO, social media, and ASO, your application most likely won’t reach its full potential and attract the crowd you want to potentially use your app, but that is where we come in we are here to help you during the process.

Want to learn more? Check out this blog post on bootstrap marketing your app!

With SEO and social media, you are laying the groundwork for ASO and beginning to gain traction for when your app is done.

After SEO and social media comes ASO.

With ASO you are optimizing your app for success when searching the App Stores.

When your user searches keywords pertaining to your app you want to rank at the top of those keywords, and with strong ASO you can!

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