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Amazon Opens Alexa AI Tech for Car Makers


Josue Castillo wrote this article


Autonomous vehicles just got a whole lot smarter by partnering up with Amazon to include Alexa behind the dashboard.

With Alexa, cars can now have conversations with you in the language of your choosing.

Imagine how much better autonomous cars can be with Alexa’s responsive voice capability powering your vehicle!

Mobile Phones and The Tech Giants

Software in the auto industry has proven to be a market ripe for the picking at companies like Amazon, Apple, and Google. But only the latter two tech giants have their own mobile operating systems allowing for plug-in platforms like Apple’s CarPlay, and Google’s Android Auto.

So far, Amazon has strategically worked around its disadvantage in the mobile arena, where Siri and Google Assistant reign supreme.

In order to carve out a dominant position in the smart home race, Amazon has Alexa of course.

Amazon is working to better position Alexa as a built-in solution in environments that may not require a phone at all, thereby bypassing the need to compete directly with Apple and Google at all. Click To Tweet

Let’s dive into Apple and Google’s current hold over the auto industry.

Apple CarPlay

Seamlessly integrating with most modern vehicles, Apple CarPlay works wirelessly or when plugged in, depending on your vehicle specs.

The ultimate co-pilot, CarPlay performs many of the same functions as an iPhone, allowing you to connect and use the apps on your phone right from your dashboard.

Apple CarPlay allows the driver to safely use apps, call friends and family, and integrate your favorite music, shows, and podcasts into your car. Most of CarPlay’s features are accessed with Siri, Apple’s digital assistant.

So, CarPlay does already include pretty sophisticated audio voice-control capabilities.

Some third-party apps are compatible with CarPlay as well, including:


– iHeartRadio

– Spotify

– Pandora

– Waze

– WhatsApp

– Amazon Music

– CBS Radio

– Tidal

– NPR One

Surprisingly, Apple CarPlay also supports some apps developed by rival Google, with Google Play Music and Google Maps both accessible via the software.

It’ll be interesting to see how Alexa in cars will perform when added into the mix!

Google’s Android Auto vs. Alexa

Google’s Android Auto allows you to connect Android apps to your cars display, with many of the same features Siri provides via Apple’s CarPlay.

Many currently debate that Google Assistant is doing what Apple has already done with Siri, but Alexa differentiates itself from Siri.

Using more sophisticated algorithms to respond via voice, Alexa uses Artificial Intelligence, in turn making your car even smarter.

Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Neural Networks are what allow Alexa to talk seamlessly with people.

Natural Language Processing is where AI, Computer Science, and linguistics meet.

With the help of NLP Alexa can write or speak in a matter that humans can understand.

With all the hard work and code that went into creating the software for Alexa, it makes it a big deal that Amazon is allowing third-parties to use it for free.

The Cost of Implementing Alexa A.I.

The cost for third-party companies to include Alexa into their autonomous cars using Alexa Auto SDK is zilch, nada, not a single penny (for now, at least).

We say for now because we know Amazon is more than capable of finding a way to charge people to use their software.

Amazon has struck some deals with car makers, most recently with Lamborghini and electric vehicle startup Rivian, for direct Alexa integrations, and Amazon’s Echo Auto platform can be accessed via a mobile app or through a dongle you plug into your car.

But right now, these aren’t quite as seamless as the competition currently offered by Apple and Google in the auto marketplace.

Amazon is currently working on making an Alexa app to help users organize Alexa commands on the road and at home.

Alexa Autonomous Cars Effect On Mobile Apps

“With Alexa connected car skills, your customers can remotely control their vehicle from the comfort of their home. Just by asking Alexa, they can remotely lock or unlock their doors, start or stop the engine, adjust the cabin temperature, and more.”

– Amazon’s Alexa press release

According to Amazon’s press release, the head unit will connect to the cars in-cabin microphone and speakers.

Amazon even has a kit for cars that are already on the road. The Alexa Mobile Accessory (AMA) kit enables anyone to connect bluetooth enabled audio devices with Alexa using the Amazon Alexa App on Android and IOS devices.

The Possibilities are Endless

“Amazon also says its intentions are to give all companies, not just automakers, a faster, cheaper, and less complex route to building their own voice experiences that feel tailor-made, instead of simply bolting on an integration with a third-party service.”

The Verge

The possibilities with Alexa’s free software are endless.

If a user asks Alexa to roll down a car window, has questions about troubleshooting a device, or any other request pertaining to the car, it will be routed to the companies assistant (or the assistant already integrated with the car, not Alexa) .

If a user asks the brand’s assistant to play an audio book, the request will be routed to Alexa.

Alexa is already available for automotive integration.

Alexa Custom Assistant is available to companies in the following countries:


1. US and Canada

2. Australia

3. Austria

4. Brazil

5. France

6. Germany

7. India

8. Ireland

9. Italy

10. Japan

11. Mexico

12. New Zealand

13. Spain

There are many ways that Alexa can be integrated into your car.

Alexa can be accessed by a mobile app, through a dongle that connects to your car, Anker Roav, a portable car charger with Alexa built in, or with a third party integrated head unit.

Anker Roav VIVA an Anker device brand focused on creating products integrated with Alexa Voice Service (AVS) SDK in order to integrate car chargers with Alexa, so that you can have Alexa in any car.

With Roav, users have the best of both worlds! USB car charging ports and Amazon Alexa to help get the weather, listen to audiobooks, play music, and more all from the seat of your car.

Final Thoughts

For app developers or for enthusiastic entrepreneurs (like yourself) wanting to get their hands dirty and create mobile apps that integrate with cars, this is a huge leap in the right direction.

Not just that, the fact that it is free to car makers to use makes the offer even more enticing.

The possibilities are endless with what you can create using Amazon Auto, and we can’t wait to see what automakers (and hopefully, the rest of us soon) roll out using Alexa’s AI technology.

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